Ministry of Defense: Ukrainian pilots are practicing flight tactical tasks with live fire and bomb release exercise


Ukrainian military joined the first out of three air military multinational exercise.

Kyiv, August 12, 2016. Ukrainian pilots of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are taking part in practical phase of command-staff exercise “Sky Shield-2016”. “Fighter and bombardment crews of the Air Forces landed and took off on Kyiv-Chop and Kyiv-Odesa highways. During the practical phase pilots are practicing flight tactical tasks with live fire and bomb release exercise day and night,” said spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Lieutenant Colonel Oleksiy Chernobai, at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. Air defense units marched to new operational sector deployed there and started performing tasks on covering critical facilities and troops against air strikes.

Efficient planning skills of troops’ deployment for defeating air attacks as well as airstrike launching at enemy’s objects and formations are drilled during the exercise. Military authorities of Air Forces of various levels are engaged, together with air assets of all types and subdivisions of antiaircraft missile and radio-radar troops. “Special attention is paid to cooperation organization and support between the Air Forces assets, other military and law enforcement components while making management decisions to defeat an airstrike under various circumstances,” added the spokesman.

Armed Forces subdivisions will participate in three multinational military exercise on the territory of Ukraine and abroad by the end of the year. Multinational command-staff exercise with troops’ participation “Maple Arch-2016” will take place on the premises of International peacekeeping and security center of Hetman Petro Sahaidachnyi National Army Academy in November. High mobility assault force and Ukrainian personnel of joint Ukrainian-Polish-Lithuanian brigade will participate in the exercise. Multinational command-staff exercise “Light Avalanche-2016” will take place in Romania in second half of September. Armed Forces troops with gear and military equipment will be involved. Multinational command-staff exercise “REGEX – 2016” will be launched in October in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mechanized and aerial element troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine together with their standard weapons are planned to take part.

In total, 10 multinational military exercise events will be held with participation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.