Day 461: Russia launches 17th aerial attack on Kyiv this month

One person killed and 13 others injured as Russia launches another major strike on Kyiv overnight. Ukraine’s air defenses intercept 29 out of 31 Iranian-made Shahed drones. A drone attack hits Moscow.

One killed, 13 injured as Russia launches another major strike on Kyiv overnight

Overnight on Tuesday, May 30, Russia launched another major air assault on Kyiv. The strike was Russia’s 17th aerial attack on the capital this month and the third in 24 hours. Russia used Iranian-made Shahed drones in the attack. 

Ukraine’s air defenses intercepted 29 out of 31 Shahed drones launched by Russia. Falling debris caused damage in several neighborhoods and ignited a fire in a high-rise apartment building.

In Kyiv, a 33-year-old woman was killed and nine more people were injured. Four others were injured in Kyiv region, said Ivan Vyhivskyi, the acting chief of the National Police.

Drone attack hits Moscow 

Moscow was targeted by a drone attack Tuesday morning. The Russian Defense Ministry said the attack involved eight drones, but Russian media wrote that the number was many times higher.

Videos surfaced on Russian social media showing drones flying over Moscow’s outskirts and the Istrinsky, Krasnogorsky, and Odintsovsky districts in the Moscow region. Other videos showed Russian air defenses firing at targets nearby.

Drones were mostly spotted in south-west neighborhoods of Moscow, wealthy suburbs that include Rublyovka – part of the Odintsovsky district, home to much of Russia’s political elite and celebrities.

Russian media said that at least three high-rise apartment buildings in Moscow were damaged by drones: on Atlasova str. 11 in the Novaya Moskva district, on Leninskiy Prospect 92K1, and on Profsoyuznaya str. 98K6.   

Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin said several buildings sustained minor damage without specifying exact locations. Videos showed broken windows at one address. Two people were injured in the attack, the city authorities said. No one required hospitalization. Residents were evacuated from the damaged part of the building, and could return home once an investigation had concluded.  

Spokesperson for the Ukrainian Air Force Command Colonel Yuriy Ihnat called the drone attack on Moscow Russia’s “domestic problems”.

“I read [the news] and watched [the videos]. I was pleased. There is nothing more to say about what happened in Russia. These are their domestic problems,” Ihnat said on television, answering a journalist’s question.

There will be a further increase in a number of such problems in Russia, he added.

“The Freedom of Russia Legion will also create problems for them, as they want to topple Putin’s bloody regime in Belgorod and other regions, so that Russia finally becomes free. The legion of the Republic of Ichkeria is also growing stronger. Hope that other Russians will also rebel against the tyranny,” Ihnat said.

The impact of war on public health of Ukrainians. Ukraine in Flames #446

The assessment of the war in Ukraine primarily focuses on economic losses, infrastructure destruction, and casualties. However, it is very important to recognize that the impact of war extends beyond these apparent outcomes and also affects public health. The consequences of war encompass not only immediate risks like contusions and injuries but also long-term health effects. In the times ahead, a lot of Ukrainians might encounter psychological challenges, an increase in addictions, and the worsening of certain diseases. Watch Ukraine in flames #446 to find out about the impact of war on public health, the dire need to prioritize rehabilitation and how to improve the children’s stress resistance amidst traumatic events. 


  • Ihor Kuzin, Deputy Minister of Health, Chief State Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine
  • Serhii Dubrov, First Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine
  • Maryna Braga, Coordinator for Communication on Behavioral Change of the Ukrainian-Swiss Project “Act for Health”