Renewed interest in Koktebel Jazz Festival: Festival kicks off near Odessa on August 25


The XIV International Koktebel Jazz Festival will take place in Chornomorsk, Ukraine on August 25th. The festival will consist of four venues throughout the city and include performances by American Band, The Bad Plus.

Kyiv August 22, 2016. On August 25, the city of Chornomorsk, which is located close to Odessa, will host the XIV International Koktebel Jazz Festival. The open stage will be placed on the central city beach. About 10,000 visitors are expected. All in all, there will be four venues. A separate stage – “Jazz and the sea”- will open with the support of the City Council and the Black Sea Shipyard. This was reported by Liliya Mlynarych, President of the Koktebel Jazz Festival, at a briefing held at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. She explained that after the forced relocation from Koktebel, following the Russian occupation of Crimea, it is the second time the festival changes its location. It is expected to settle in Chornomorsk and not only find a permanent place, but also provide the city with a “new branding”. “When we first moved two years ago, we were asked why we hold festivals when the country is at war. But one day, some servicemen came to see me and said that it was the true image of peace, for which they’re fighting,” said Ms. Mlynarych.

According to Oleksiy Kogan, journalist, permanent host of Koktebell Jazz Festival, the festival kickoff in Chornomorsk is a symbol. It would be reasonable to arrange it in such a way that people travel here every year and always know “that there is such a festival by the sea.” Mr Kogan noted that a celebrity guest is expected at the festival – American band The Bad Plus. “This is their first visit to Ukraine. If you do not have a chance to see them in Chornomorsk, they will give another concert at the Atlas club in Kyiv on August 30. These musicians refute the theory of modern jazz, they do everything the other way round. The central figure of the band are the drums. They embody the modern concept that it is not a trio, but a single instrument that has yet to be named,” explained Oleksiy Kogan.

A lot of young Ukrainian vocalists will also participate in the festival. You can use the following link for further information. There will be music of different styles. “Do not take too much to the word ‘jazz’. When a beautiful girl passed by – it’s jazz, someone told you a funny joke – it’s jazz, you were paid for work on which you had worked for five years – it is also a jazz,” believes Oleksiy Kogan.