State concern “Ukroboronprom” signs Memorandum on cooperation with a new American advisor


New document suggests cooperating in improving the military equipment in Ukraine.

Kyiv, August 26, 2016. Anthony Tether, Director of the American company “Tony Tether & Associates”, former head of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), became an advisor on long-term development of “Ukroboronprom”. The parties signed the document on August 26, 2016. This was reported by Denys Gurak, Deputy General Director on External Economic Activities, “Ukroboronprom”, at a briefing held at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. “This is a significant event not only for “Ukroboronprom”, but also for Ukrainian science and our state […], not only for the defense sector, but also for the economy as a whole. Integration of Ukrainian and American potentials provides synergistic effect in related industries as well,” said Denys Gurak.

Roman Romanov, General Director of “Ukroboronprom”, stressed that the development of the defense industry was vividly demonstrated during the military parade on Independence Day. According to him, technical equipment of the army is an immediate and primary objective of the Concern and “it is necessary to determine what equipment will be required in 3-4 years.” “Today we are signing a document, according to which Mr. Tether becomes an advisor and we will have access to the most up-to-date information. […] We need to channel our defense industry into proper activities,” emphasized Roman Romanov.

“The crisis over the last couple of years is what really brought the country together, and the country realized that Independence does not come for free,” underlined Anthony Tether. According to him, the purpose of this Memorandum is “to look at the country as a whole to see what we can do to have integrated synergistic capability so that its defense industry can compete in the world”. “I really believe this Memorandum is beneficial for everyone”.