Russian troops make five hundred attacks and assault actions over a week – Ukrainian intelligence


Combined Russian-militant forces maintain high level of combat intensity, made almost 500 attacks over a week. Violate Minsk closes as to the withdrawal of heavy weapons, actively use electronic warfare systems. Russian command continues coordination activities to make its forces deployed to Ukraine’s occupied eastern areas into Russia’s nationwide military system.

Kyiv, August 30, 2016. Over the period from August 23 to 29, Russian occupation forces carried out 495 attacks and assault actions in ATO zone, compared with 441 last week. The most strained situation is close to Avdiivka. “On August 28 this year, during active fighting in the industrial area of ​​Avdiivka, the adversary used up to six tons of 122mm shells and 82mm and 120mm mortar mines as well as 5 tons of 122mm Grad rockets,” reported Vadym Skybytskyi, representative of the Chief Intelligence Department at the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. He also noted that the efficiency of artillery fire had increased and the time for correcting fire reduced due to the use of UAVs, the increased number of Russian servicemen and military students, particularly those who had returned from the training courses at Mykhaylivska School of Artillery. Over this period, 15 UAVs were recorded in ATO zone.

Over the week, Ukrainian intelligence recorded 55 violations of the Minsk agreements on withdrawal of heavy weapons. More than 72 tanks and 6 mortars were detected in the 15-kilometer “security zone”, more than 71 gun and self-propelled artillery systems – in the 25-kilometer zone, more than 40 Grad multiple rocket launcher systems (MRLS) – in the 35-kilometer zone. In addition, it was recorded that the adversary used modern means of radio-electronic warfare. “On August 23, in the vicinity of Luhansk, the military intelligence recorded mobile radio control complex” Svet-KU” in service with the separate squadron REB (Luhansk), the 2nd Army Corps, which conducted the search and detection of Ukrainian radio communication facilities. On August 25-27, in the vicinity of Donetsk, near the town of Spartak, the intelligence detected a signals intelligence system “Infauna” in service with the BTG 331 paraborne regiment (Kostroma, stationed close to Donetsk) of the 98th Airborne Division (Ivanovo), the Airborne Armed Forces of Russia,” reported Skybytskyi. On August 27-28, near Avdiivka, the adversary used radioelectronic warfare system “Shypovnik-Aero”. They also used radar intelligence system of “Zoopark” type and mobile intelligence posts PRP-4A “Argus” to adjust fire and see the results.

The intelligence recorded new facts of delivery of weapons and military equipment from Russia to the occupied territories, including delivery directly to the contact line. “Over the week, eight tanks, nine armored combat vehicles, one 122-mm MLRS BM-21 Grad, one train with ammunition and four self-propelled artillery systems were delivered  by road and rail to the units and depots of the 1st and 2nd Army corps (AC),” noted Vadym Skybytskyi. He added that the tank elements of the 1st and 2nd AC are gradually replacing T-64 tanks with T-72. Besides, from August 23 to August 29, over 1.2 thousand tons of ammunition, 660 tons of logistical equipment and supplies, as well as 2.5 thousand tons of fuel and lubricants were delivered to the occupied territories from Russia. “Intelligence found that PJSC “Bashneft” (Ufa, vul.Ulyanovyh, 74) is the main supplier of fuel and lubricants to the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine,” said Skybytskyi. “Intelligence of Ukraine is constantly entering into sanctions lists such Russian companies as “Bashneft” and others that provide activities of Russian occupation forces in Ukraine.”

The Ukrainian intelligence also found that since the 1st of August the command of formations and units of the 1st and 2nd AC has been conducting operational coordination of battalions. “These events are held according to a single plan of the Southern Military District of the Russian Federation (RF) Armed Forces and with the direct participation of Russian military instructors,” noted Vadym Skybytskyi. In particular, the units of so-called “9th separate assault motorized rifle regiment of Marine Corps” deployed in Novoazovsk practiced assault landing elements near Bezimenne. On August 19, a commission headed by Major General Yakubov, Chief of Staff of the 1st Army Corps of the Center of the territorial forces, visited the regiment to guide the exercises.

Vadym Skybytskyi also informed that the Chief of General Staff of the RF Armed Forces General Gerasimov ordered to appoint Col. Oleksiy Mykolajovych Berdnikov, military professional, the new commander of the 3rd separate motorized rifle brigade of the 1st army corps stationed in Horlivka. Previously he was the commander of the 60th separate motorized rifle brigade (Sibirtsevo, Primorsky Krai, RF) of the 5th Army (Ussuriysk) of the Eastern Military District (Khabarovsk) of the RF Armed Forces.

Besides, the intelligence identified several more Russian military involved in killing civilians. Among them are the military of the intelligence company of the 5th separate motorized rifle brigade, military unit no.08805 deployed in Makiivka – deputy company commander Bernyakovich Andriy Evgenovych, and reconnaissance platoon commanders Litvinov, Belozerov and Filonov. “It is known that it was precisely this subversive group of the reconnaissance company of the 5th brigade that in the early hours of April 27 undermined two civilian cars near “Novotrojitske” checkpoint, in the so-called “gray zone.” As a result, four civilians were killed and seven wounded,” reminded Vadym Skybytskyi. The intelligence also identified the following five military of howitzer self-propelled artillery division of the 9th separate assault motorized rifle regiment of Marines of the 1st AC of the Center of territorial forces (Novocherkask) of the Southern Military District (Rostov-on-Don) of the RF Armed Forces deployed in Donetsk:

Citizen of Russia Evgeny Gudz (born in 1982, Maykop)

Citizen of Russia Dmitry Dolev (born in 1993, Ufa)

Ruslan Huhyzyanov (born in 1994)

Anatoly Agaryov (born in 1989)

Alexander Agaryov (born in 1975)

According to the Chief Intelligence Department representative, these military of the RF Armed Forces shelled civilian infrastructure, and carried out provocative attacks on areas under their control to discredit the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In the occupied Crimea, from August 25 to August 31, a sudden inspection of combat and mobilization readiness of the RF Armed Forces has been conducted as part of the exercises “Caucasus-2016.” About 100 thousand military and more than 10 thousand pieces of weapons and military equipment, 60 surface ships, 400 aircraft and helicopters have been inspected. “For the first time as part of the mobilization measures in occupied Crimea the territorial defense units have been formed, which subsequently will participate in the active phase of training,” noted the Chief Intelligence Department representative. Russia swings additional forces to the peninsula. In particular, the personnel and munitions of Pskov 76th landing and assault division of the airborne troops are redeployed to Kirovske airfield. “Besides, more than two dozen combat aircraft of Su-34, Su-35C and MiG-29 type were redeployed to Kirovske and Belbek airfields from Russia. It is recorded that the air defense system of the Crimean peninsula is strengthened by redeploying division S-400 “Triumph” to Crimea through the Kerch car ferry,” added Vadym Skybytskyi.

The Chief Intelligence Department representative noted that on September 9, the RF Defense Ministry is planning to conduct a press briefing on training “Caucasus-2016” for military and diplomatic corps accredited in the Russian Federation. “In this way, Putin’s regime once again tries to use the official foreign representatives stay on the peninsula for legalizing and recognizing the legitimacy of annexation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea to Russia,” he explained.