Schedule of press-briefings in Ukraine Crisis Media Center for August 31, 2016

9-00 Topic: “Anti-tuberculosis vaccine is now available in Ukraine, along with other important vaccines for children”
Ulana Suprun, acting Minister of Healthcare of Ukraine
Giovanna Barberis, head of the UNChildren’s Fund (UNICEF) in Ukraine

10-30 Topic: “Start of civil advocacy campaign to support bill on tax on exported capital instead of income tax as a basic part of fiscal reform”
Tetyana Shevtsova, head of Fiscal Committee, Public Council at the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine; head of the Public Council  at the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine
Oleksandr Semyatkin, lawyer, fiscal expert
Pavlo Sebastyanovych, businessman, head of the Institute of Liberal Economics
Oleksandr Sokolovskyi, businessman, president of all-Ukrainian Union of Light Industry Employers
Eduard Kurganskyi, businessman, representative of the Association of Small & Medium Business NGOs of Ukraine

11-00 Topic: “Persecution of journalist Mykola Semena in Crimea: new details of the case and advocacy strategy”
Oleksandr Popkov, lawyer of Mykola Semena (from Russia)
Volodymyr Prytula, director of “RadioSvoboda” Crimea project “Krym.Realiyi” (eng.“Crimea.Reality”)
Emine Dzheppar, advisor to the Minister of information policy of Ukraine on Crimea

11-30 Topic: “Donbas Media Forum”: how the situation in the east of Ukraine has influenced on Ukrainian media space”
Oleksiy Matsuka, head of the NGO “Donetsk Institute of Information”
Svitlana Yeremenko, member of Donbas Media Forum organization committee, executive director of Pylyp Orlyk Democracy Institute

12-00 Topic: “Heads of villages: “ceremonial bystanders” or real representatives of communities’ interests?”
Andriy Krupnyk, director of Analytical Center of the Association for Supportof Self-governance Initiatives
Oleksandr Dekhtyarchuk, MP (“PetroPoroshenko Block”)
Natalia Novak, MP (“PetroPoroshenko Block”)
Oleksiy Kolesnikov, analyst of the Association for Support of Self-governance Initiatives

12-30  Col. Andriy Lysenko, Presidential Administration spokesperson on ATO related issues

13-00 Topic: “How the political parties benefited from preparations to the next academic year”
Victor Taran, activist of all-Ukrainian movement against political corruption  “Under Control”
Glib Kanevskyi, analyst of all-Ukrainian movement against political corruption “Under Control”
Yevgen Dykyi, independent expert & analyst of the International Democracy Institute / Sociovymir

14-00 Topic: “Kherson Regional Council intends to cancel Perspective Plan of Communities Union: result of legal ignorance or a conscious abuse of power?”
Anatoliy Tkachuk, director on Science & Development, Institute of Civil Society
Representative of the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing of Ukraine 
Andriy Putilov, head of Kherson Regional Council
Oksana Siliukova, legal advisor, Office for Reforms in Kherson region