Grandmaster Sam Chin, founder of the system: Kyiv will host a seminar on the martial arts system I Liq Chuan



Kyiv, September 9, 2016. On September10-11 Kyiv hosts a seminar on the martial arts system I Liq Chuan – internal style of Chinese Kung Fu, based on the philosophical system of Zhong Xin Dao. The seminar will be conducted by Sam F. S. Chin, Kung-Fu grandmaster, founder of Zhong Xin Dao philosophy and Chinese internal martial arts system I Liq Chuan. This is his fourth visit to Ukraine. This was reported by the grandmaster himself and Sergey Gnyeushev, President of the Ukrainian I Liq Chuan Association, at a press briefing held at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. Sam Chin has been a master for 20 years, continuing a family tradition, and now teaches in more than 34 countries.

Sam Chin explains that the basic principle of Zhong Xin Dao is to be in harmony and cooperation with the outside world, perceive and evaluate every moment, while staying “here and now”. “The problem which all of us confront is that we appreciate the present moment by looking back on our past experience. So we lose impartiality of perception and the present moment ceases to be a real present moment. Zhong Xin Dao means neutrality. Neutrality is necessary to understand things as they are,” explained the grandmaster. “We first teach not how to fight but to change oneself together with time and space, to understand cause and effect. The art itself will show you how the mind affects the body and the body – the mind. To truly understand the present moment, you first need to understand yourself”. He added that these tools – the ability to maintain sharpness and clarity of perception, to focus, to control your awareness – can be used in almost any situation.

Currently, the world has 154 coaches and more than 2,000 followers of the system. I Liq Chuan is included as a separate course in the curriculum of two US colleges. “More than 10 Ukrainian cities have groups where classes are conducted regularly,” noted Sergey Gnyeushev. He added that the system is beginning to expand the scope of martial art. “There will be educational and medical programs Zhong Xin Dao and many others,” he explained.

Those wishing to participate in the seminar can register today.