Schedule of press-briefings in Ukraine Crisis Media Center for September 12, 2016

11-30 Topic: “Who prevents from making reforms on decentralization in Ukraine?”
Oleksiy Koshel, director general on all-Ukrainian non-governmental organization “Committee of electors of Ukraine”
Denys Rybachok, expert of all-Ukrainian non-governmental organization “Committee of electors of Ukraine”12-00 
12-00Topic: “UAtronica-Industry 4.0. Conference on technological future”
Vitaliy Nebylytsia, UkraineIS
Sergiy Vakarin, UkraineIS
Deborah Fairlamb, director of the American House Business Incubator12-30 Col. Andriy Lysenko, Ministry of  Defence spokesperson on ATO related issues

16-00 Topic: “Update on last week’s combat actions in the conflict zone”
Vilyen Pidgorny, MOD Spokesperson on the Russia-Ukraine Military Conflict

16-00 Discussion :”Money for scholarships or for war? What should be the priorities for public spending in Ukraine”
Galina Tretyakov, director of the Ukrainian Insurance Federation, expert of the intensive care reform package
Yuri Hanushchak, Director of territorial development
Egor Stadnyi, executive director of the analytical center CEDOS
Inna Sovsun, vice president of KSE
Vladimir Bakhrushin, chief expert of the intensive care reform package, Adviser of the Minister of Education of Ukraine
Pavlo Kovtonyuk, Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine
Olekandr Yabchanka, expert intensive care reform package
Olga Stefanyshyna, executive director of the Foundation “Patients of Ukraine”
Serhiy Vovk, director of transport strategies
Roman Hmil, former head of the Department of Traffic of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine
Andrew Guk, lawyer
Sergiy Kovalenko, Adviser to the Minister of Finance of Ukraine, the expert intensive care reform package
Viktor Pynzenyk, people’s deputy of Ukraine
Yaroslav Markevich, people’s deputy of Ukraine, member of the Budget Committee
Dmitry Boyarchuk, executive director of the CASE Ukraine
Gleb Vyshlinsky, executive director of the Center for Economic Strategy
Borys Davidenko, editor VoxUkraine
Victor Mazyarchuk, head of the Office of Financial and Economic Analysis in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
Moderator: Timothy Milovanov, acting President of KSE