Expert: Clinton’s victory in the US presidential elections is in Ukraine’s national interest


Analysing two candidates for presidency in the US, expert stress the danger of similar of views of Trump and Putin.

Kyiv, September 20, 2016. According to polls, Donald Trump is ahead of Hillary Clinton in the US presidential race: 46% versus 43%. This scenario is not the best for Ukraine, Clinton’s victory would be better for our national interest. This opinion was voiced by Mykola Vorobiov, Director of the Center for Eastern European Perspectives in Washington, at a briefing held at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. “In his speeches, Trump called for a softening of position on Russia. The issue of weapons for Ukraine was removed from the Republicans’ program. He also said that, perhaps, the US should not support NATO, while NATO countries have to pay for the presence of US troops. Trump also expressed sympathy for Vladimir Putin as a strong leader,” said Mr. Vorobiov.

According to Mykola Vorobiov, the recent scandal resulted in firing Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort. The conflict erupted around the information that he had probably received money from Yanukovych’s entourage, which was not taxed under the American legislation. However, available information is not enough to start criminal proceedings, the losses are completely reputational. Despite this, according to Mr. Vorobiov, Trump continues to closely communicate with Manafort and the latter – to advise the US presidential candidate.

Another trustee of Trump is General Michael Flynn. “He is a supporter of isolationism and believes that the US should reduce its military presence. He was also seen at Russia Today’s events, particularly in Moscow,” said Mr. Vorobiov.

He said that businessman Carter Page has his interests in Gazprom and supports the opinion that Putin is much stronger and more predictable than President Obama, and that relations with Russia should be improved.

“A positive forecast in case of Trump’s victory is maintaining the status quo on sanction policy and support of Ukraine. Aggravation of relations with Putin is also possible, because both he and Trump are two “strong leaders” and both have their geopolitical ambitions,” assumed Mr. Vorobiov. In a negative case scenario, Ukraine will not receive adequate military assistance. However, NATO will continue to increase its contingent on our western borders. “American democracy system does not allow usurping power in the country. There is the US Congress, there are other inhibitors. But the President has a monopoly on foreign policy. The last word is always at the White House. Ukraine should be aware of it,” noted Mr. Vorobiov.

In case of Hillary Clinton’s victory, in his opinion, Ukraine will receive a long-awaited military aid. “She is versed in foreign policy, she has experience, she understands what may Russian aggression and its escalation cost,” added Mykola Vorobiov.