Schedule of press-briefings in Ukraine Crisis Media Center for October 10, 2016

10-00 Topic: “Presentation of the higher education and science program of reform”
Lіlіya Grinevich, Mіnіster of education and science of Ukraine
Natalіya Shulga, expert, group “Science. Technologies. Іnnovations”, Reanimation package of reforms
Bogdan Kravchenko, polіtical scientist, sociologist, historian
Vira Nanіvska, chairman of “Anna Yaroslavna College”
Oleg Ribachuk, head of “Center UA”12-30 Col. Andriy Lysenko, spokesman of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on ATO related issues13-00 Topic: “New textbook on Ukrainian history, that systematized materials on the Revolution of Dignity and Russian aggression against Ukraine”
Pavlo Polansky, historian, author of textbooks for high school students

14-00 Topic: “Presentation of the poetry collection of civil protest “Habit to live in the ghetto”
Aleksandr Shcherbakov, co-organizer of the festival “Muse of Undefeated” and publisher of book “Habit to live in the ghetto”, civil activist, movement “Resistance”(via Skype from Moscow)
Olga Novikova, director of the festival “KиTы,” co-organizer of the international festival “Muse of Undefeated”
Miriam Dragina, Ukrainian poet, radio, co-author of poetry collection “Habit to live in the ghetto”
Maria Sladkovo, co-author of poetry collection “Habit to live in the ghetto” (via Skype from Mariupol)
Oleksandr Sladkov, member of the Club of copyright and creative ideas “Modern Ukraine” (via Skype from Mariupol)

16-00 Topic: “Russian armed aggression in eastern Ukraine”
Vilyen Podgornyy, MoD spokesman of Ukraine
Note: briefing is in English only