Portal 007 claims the budget funds use can be tracked now through a Telegram bot


This way developers believe they reduce corruption as they eliminate the contact official – citizen.

Kyiv, October 12, 2016. It is the first time in Ukraine that a bot is able to find information on budget funds use has been created. It continues efforts of Portal 007 team in order to enable the general public, business and journalists to control payments and other budgeting processes of the executive authorities online, informed Oleksandr Shchelokov, coordinator of Bot007 project, at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. “Bot is an impassive device which should be the closest the government. Bots must make as many decisions as possible, for they work according to clear cut rules. Human factor is excluded here and we can be sure that the taxpayers’ money will be used as intended,” explained the project coordinator. According to him, idea of the bot is providing unbiased information, as its work is computerized. It’s a person who makes decisions based on the retrieved information.

Peter Panteleimonov, head of Bot007 IT-team, said that Bot007 functions on the basis of Telegram bot. A user needs to install Telegram messenger on his smart phone or computer to be able to use the bot. “All the necessary information can be found here. It contains detailed information: its location, subordination and number of public payments.  Moreover, it is possible to follow budget transactions choosing the necessary period and look through the details: the sum, the date, the destination, sender’s and recipient’s details,” elaborated Panteleimonov.

According to him, it is possible to track a specific organization. The bot will notify the user whenever the required information appears. “The bot is mobile, it’s a perfect solution if you have no time to use your computer. Moreover, there is feedback. It you input necessary parameters of certain organization, the bot will notify you sooner than any real-time website,” explained Panteleimonov.

Shchelokov added there are instructions for people who want to use the bot. Moreover, 007 team is ready to conduct workshops and explain the principles of the bot’s work. There are also programs for students, investigators of the National anti-corruption bureau and journalists.