Colonel Lysenko: A school gym was damaged in militants’ shelling in Mariinka  




Russia-backed militants use 122-mm cannons in Popasna district. One Ukrainian serviceman trips an explosive device in the Donetsk sector

Kyiv, October 26, 2016. The situation remains unchanged in the Mariupol sector. A series of militants’ mortar attacks took place along the entire frontline, as 40 mortar shells of various caliber were fired at Ukrainian position, said the spokesman of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on ATO related issues Colonel Andriy Lysenko at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. “A school gym was damaged as a result of militants’ shelling in Mariinka. It is the second time this month,” informed Col. Lysenko. In total, 24 militants’ attacks took place in the Mariupol sector, and six of them involved use of heavy armor.


Militants resumed active combat in the Luhansk sector at night, after 7 p.m. They repeatedly shelled Ukrainian positions in Stanysia Luhanska from the opposite bank of Siverskyi Donets River. One attack was a sniping and lasted 50 minutes. “Moreover, Russian proxies violated the armistice in Popasna district, using 122-mm cannons once,” added the spokesman. In total, five militants’ attacks took place in the Luhansk sector yesterday, and one of them involved use of heavy armor.


Ukrainian Armed Forces incurred no losses in combat in the past 24 hours, and one serviceman was injured after tripping an explosive device in the Donetsk sector.


The hostilities in the Donetsk sector continued in the Avdiivka industrial area only. Militants were using mortar launchers intensively both in the daytime and during the hours of darkness, launching 40 mortar shells at Ukrainian positions. “Traditionally, Russian proxies are shooting from south,” said Col. Lysenko. In total, militants attacked Ukrainian position in the Donetsk sector five times in the past 24 hours, and used mortar launchers three times.