Schoolchildren in Kyiv will have the opportunity of free online education – initiators


30,000 children of 10th and 11th grades from Kyiv schools will receive free access to an online platform with 10-minute video tutorials. This was reported by Olga Tereshchenko, Acting Head at 10MinSchool, at a briefing held at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. “We will test the opportunities of online learning during a year. We are also ready to expand our activities around the country,” she said. According to Shalom Asayag, founder & co-CEO of “10MinSchool”, this opportunity is free. “We ourselves come from the country where there is permanent war. So we wanted to give the opportunity to young people not to think about money. We wanted to give children an opportunity to free education,” he explained. Dalit Stauber, Director-General of the Ministry of Education in Israel in 2011-2013, noted that the video can help prepare homework or make up for the missed classes. She also said that video clips had been recorded together with the local teachers. “We always respect the teachers and the education system of the country where we operate, always cooperate with the Ministry of Education. We have found wonderful teachers in Kyiv, who recorded these videos in the studio,” she said.

Other Ukrainian and foreign educational programs are also working together with 10MinSchool. According to Paul Kimm, director of British Council in Ukraine, his organization is involved in the English language component. “We are teaching English; our goal is to increase knowledge of English in Ukraine,” he informed. Anna Rogovchenko, Capital English project representative, informed that 10-minute videos were actively used for teaching English to adults in Kyiv. “Each module was suitable for three thousand people, but those wishing to participate were 60 thousand. That is why we decided to provide them with links to video lessons,” she explained. Ms. Rogovchenko also noted that this form of education gives the chance to study for those who have problems with mobility and time. Yuriy Nazarov, director of Information & Communication Technologies Department, Kyiv Smart City, informed that such online education has become part of the “smart city” development for the first time.