Only 46% of state agencies make information public on e-data portal – activist



Laws should be respected therefore information should be public, to foster it “Search and analysis system 007” initaties a competition.
Only 46% of state agencies make public the information on e-data portal. “Every civil activist and journalist, if she/he feels the responsibility can appeal to the corresponding organization or to the Ombudsman and demand that the laws of Ukraine are respected,” informed Anastasia Rozlutska, coordinator of the competition of the project “Search and analysis system 007,” at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center (UCMC).
On October 1, “Search and analysis system 007” initiated a second competition “E-investigation” based on publicly available data. UCMC is the information partner of the contest. Its goal is to promote open data, reforms, registries and services in the field of public finances and improve the quality of investigations by using the open data portal. “We as developers seek social impsct. […] Besides, we perform a communicative function and disseminate information,” Anastasia Rozlutska stressed the importance of public involvement.
The competition is primarily intended for journalists, students and civil activists. The award is UAH 15,000, which will be divided between three winners. Applications can be submitted by November 25. People aged up to 35 years can apply for the competition. “The application should contain links to e-data portal or “Search and analysis system 007,” emphasized Anastasia Rozlutska. A complete list of conditions for the participation in the competition can be found on Voting will last for 2 weeks; the jury will work simultaneously; the best 10 works will be published in a collection. “Before the competition we have conducted a series of seminars, trainings and workshops for journalism students from 11 universities of Ukraine and involved 321 students in trainings,” concluded Rozlutska.