Almost 20 thousand Ukrainians have registered to take an online course “The Science of Everyday Thinking”


The popular online course was translated into Ukrainian and is now available for everyone on Prometheus.

About 20 thousand Ukrainians have registered to take an online course “The Science of Everyday Thinking”. This was stated by Dmytro Yablonovskyi, moderator of the course, senior economist of the, at a press briefing held at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. The course, which had gained popularity abroad, was translated into Ukrainian, and now everyone can be its participant. It operates on the Prometheus platform, consists of 13 episodes and lasts 12 weeks. “In my opinion, this course is about how to make the right decisions both as a consumer and a citizen,” Dmytro Yablonovskyi shared the impressions of his experiences in the project and added that a large part of the course is the ability to communicate, including offline format.

Volodymyr Vargola, general director of the charity foundation “Foundation of Ukrainian Graduates”, said that the platform had been launched in October this year. “The course ‘The Science of Everyday Thinking’ is the first all-Ukrainian project of the organization,” he said. Oksana Makarenko, activist, advisor to the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, stressed that “researches prove that so-called hard skills are less and less in demand on the job market, and career success is getting more and more dependable on personal skills – so-called soft skills – that is the ability to work in a team and critical, creative thinking. “Currently contemporary Ukrainian education is facing the problem of how to integrate the principles of critical thinking in schools and universities, because children need to know how to make decisions in complex situations, to resist the attempts of manipulation. “Distance courses are a good solution not only for adults but also for children living in the occupied territories, village residents live in the village, and have no way to acquire this important skill in schools,” summed Oksana Makarenko.