Nataliia Galibarenko: Tomorrow is the epochal day for Ukraine


Kyiv, 26 June 2014 – “Tomorrow is a once-in-a lifetime event for Ukraine, we will sign the economic part of the Association Agreement with the EU”,- stated Nataliia Galibarenko, the First Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine at a press briefing in Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

At present President Poroshenko is holding a meeting with 28 EU leaders in Brussels, speaking on his Peace Plan, reforms and Ukraine’s European integration agenda.

Nataliia Galibarenko informed on the three-way consultations initiated by Russian Federation:  “Ukraine will take part in a three way consultation: Ukraine – EU – Russia, with the first meeting set up on July 11th in Brussels. Ukraine expects a meaningful dialogue supported by economic arguments and numbers rather than another political discussion”.

On Monday, 23rd June, Ukraine has successfully finished the first phase of the visa free regime implementation. At present the second stage actions are being prepared, Ukraine has to demonstrate effective performance in many aspects: anticorruption, border protection and issue of biometrical passports. To verify Ukraine’s progress, two monitoring missions will visit Ukraine in September and October this year. After that Ukraine may expect more clear deadline for obtaining visa free regime with European countries.

To remind, Ukraine has signed the first political part of the Association Agreement with EU on 21st March 2014.