Project “Angels Among Us” raises money for a rehabilitation center those who fought in the East Ukraine


A fundraiser photo calendar of pictures in Kyiv is to help gather money for a rehabilitation center for the former soldiers.

Photo project “Angels Among Us” aims to raise money for rebuilding and equipping a rehabilitation center for those who fought in the East Ukraine and returned with wounds resulting in disabilities. Within the project, a calendar was made with photos of the military and women volunteers who represent a guardian and a care-taker. The circulation of the photo calendar is 1,000 copies. The price of each is UAH 3,000. This was announced by Olena Ocheretyana, director of the “Association “Petition of Ukraine”, at a briefing held at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. According to her, this project is just the beginning because to launch the rehabilitation center near Lviv, we need to raise UAH 40 million. “We understand that this cannot be done very fast. But we really want politicians, officials, government, and businesses to pay attention to the project. For Ukraine, this price may be shocking, but we do not only sell the calendar, we sell the opportunity to participate in a noble cause, join the club of philanthropists,” noted Ms. Ocheretyana.

“This is a very interesting concept – our girls, like angels, protect our fighters, and they protect our angels on the front. Each of the girls has incredible experience of struggling for Ukraine, not only on the front but in the rear. They participated in the Revolution of Dignity, they all are stunning,” said Gennadiy Kurochka, member of UCMC board. “No government will solve our problems, but people like this will do it,” added Roman Nikolaev, photographer, official photographer at the “People’s Hero of Ukraine” award.

“Our soldiers need rehabilitation, even if they have no physical injuries. In any case, psychological rehabilitation is a necessity. It is the other side of the war facing society for many years after its end,” emphasized Amina Okuyeva, press officer of the special police regiment “Kyiv,” holder of the “People’s Hero of Ukraine” award. “Society begins to forget that the war continues, and what happens with the military in the east. We want to reach out to people and to remind them about this,” noted Mykhailo Vashchenko, junior sergeant, scout sniper of the 92nd separate mechanized brigade, holder of the award pin “For Military Valour.”

Photos for the calendar were taken in St. Sophia Cathedral; the characters’ images are very unusual. “You used to see them in uniform, when they look bellicose. However, we want to convey the message, that we are ordinary people, and we are among you,” explained Olena Ocheretyana. She noted that the calendars will also be disseminated abroad, including Ukrainian diaspora and diplomatic missions.