Property valued at 35 million hryvnias was sold through a recently developed “ProZorro.Sale” system


With the successful experience of public procurement using ProZorro system, the developers created a platform for transparent selling for the government of Ukraine.

“ProZorro.Sale” system” was launched in October. Currently, it has 12 accredited platforms and about a thousand lots. So far 2 billion hryvnias have been transferred through the system and the volume of assets sold through it exceeds 35 million hryvnias. Besides, an analysis module has been made available to monitor developments in the system. This was reported by Oleksiy Sobolev, director of project office “ProZorro.Sale” at a briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. “Open data and IT solutions help deal with the asymmetry of information, inefficiency and poor quality of cooperation between the state and citizens. We are pleased to disseminate this general philosophy where everyone can see everything. This is neither magic, nor the only solution for all the problems in the country. But for a certain class of problems this solution works well,” believes Maksym Nefyodov, Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine.


Yevhen Bilyk, Project Manager, Transparency International Ukraine, stressed that the key point of the system is transparency. “The system itself will not overcome corruption, it will be done by people who use the system,” he noted. Mr. Bilyk also informed that innovations in  “ProZorro.Sale” have global potential. “The whole world switches to electronic procurement, but sales put a new spin. During the process of launching the system we have created entirely new services,” he informed.


Yuliya Bereschenko, director of Department on Unified Sales and Management of Assets, Deposit Guarantee Fund for Individuals, which switched the sale of all assets of insolvent banks to “ProZorro.Sale,” noted that in such a manner they plan to protect the interests of creditors and get the maximum price for the sale of assets of insolvent banks. “Six major banks turned to us that all tenders should be conducted only through “ProZorro.Sale.” These banks own most of the assets under management of the Fund. So, that decision was logical,” she explained. Ms. Bereschenko emphasized that СЕТАМ trade platform dealing with the seized property and secured credits should also be switched to “ProZorro.” “We sell the secured credit. The selling price depends on the security price. If we are also engaged in recovering, arresting and then selling the security interest, the monopoly on the sale belongs to СЕТАМ. If СЕТАМ is switched to ProZorro, a fair sale process will be ensured,” she believes.