The fifth mission of Canadian doctors arrives to Ukraine


Canada provides to Ukraine significant financial support and trainings in various fields. In addition, the country offers operations for Ukrainian soldiers wounded in action in the east of Ukraine. The visit of the 5th mission of Canadian doctors to Ukraine will take place on February 24 – March 5th, announced Krystina Waler, director of humanitarian initiatives at Canada Ukraine Foundation (Canada), at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. “The team of Canadian and American surgeons and nurses together with their Ukrainian colleagues will hold training workshops and operate soldiers wounded in the east of Ukraine,” she noted.

Types of operations

The mission will conduct craniofacial plastic surgery and upper limbs surgery. During the first two days the mission will select patients. “We will select those who really need this operation in that period of time. Sometimes the patient does not need an operation, sometimes it is better for him to wait one or two month,” explained Igor Fedirko, Colonel of Medical Service, Director of the Craniofacial Surgery and Dentistry Clinic at the Ministry of Defense Main Clinical Military Hospital.

The patients who were operated by the previous missions of Canadian doctors are invited as well for repeated examination. Patients willing to sign up are welcome to call +380 (95) 435 30 33, +380 (97) 00 555 45.