Avdiivka: one person killed, two injured, construction materials needed – Pavlo Zhebrivskyi

The situation has become better due to increase of the outside temperature, however many people have left the town.

Humanitarian situation in Avdiivka (Escalation in Avdiivka, Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine) improved within the last 24 hours due to increase of the outside temperature. It was possible to raise the temperature inside buildings to +12-15⁰ C, but there is no sufficient amount of gas to manage higher temperature. Water reaches as high as the fourth floor. Nevertheless, pumps were launched and the situation is expected to improve toward the evening. The town is in largest need of construction materials, said Pavlo Zhebrivsky, the head of Ukraine’s military and civil administration in Donetsk region, speaking over the phone at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

Recent destruction and casualties

According to Zhebrivsky, 20 buildings were destroyed in militants’ shooting attacks this morning alone, and one woman was killed. Two civilians more sustained injuries. The ceasefire is holding in the town at present. There is food in shops, pharmacies are supplied with medicine and hospitals are still functioning. Mobile heating and food units have been set up in the town. Humanitarian aid containing food packages was brought in, and police is visiting local inhabitants to inform them where they can receive aid.

Evacuation plan: 77 people left the town

Evacuation plan has been developed to be used as the worst case scenario, but there is no need for it so far. “We developed evacuation plan in case the worst happened, if there is no heat supply whatsoever. We are prepared to such course of events, but we don’t need it at present. Some families with children contacted us asking to leave. We arranged this possibility for them. 180 people registered yesterday, but only 77 turned up today. The rest still want to stay on the list, but keep postponing their departure, because they hope the heat supply will resume. Inhabitants of Avdiivka are extremely fond of their town,” said Zhebrivsky.