Ukrainian scientist Igor Kozlovskyy: 387 days in detention in “DPR”


Relatives of Ukrainian historian and religious scholar Igor Kozlovskyy, who spent already 387 days in detention in“DPR”, call the international community to do everything possible to release him.

Suppression of dissent

The relatives reminded that Igor Kozlovskyy was detained one day after an explosion near the monument to Lenin in Donetsk. “There were no evident grounds for this detention. I suppose they [the so-called “DPR”] put him on a black list for his pro-Ukrainian position and were waiting for a suitable moment,” noted Denys Kozlovskyy, nephew of Igor Kozlovsky. In his opinion, Igor Kozlovskyy could have drawn attention of the self-proclaimed authorities during his participation in the inter-confessional prayer marathon “For unity and peace in Ukraine” which took place in March-October 2014, as he was coming there with the Ukrainian flag.

Violation of law?

According to Valentyna Kozlovska, wife of Igor Kozlovsky, the last phone conversation they had was on December 6. “During the last two months the only things we know are just pieces of information from his lawyer who communicates with the investigator,” she added.

Kozlovskyy has already received a bill of indictment. He is accused under part 1 Art. 256 of the “criminal code” of the so-called “DPR” – illegal possession of explosives (2 grenades). “The document consists of six pages of unclear evidence provided by witnesses in the moment of detention,” said Diana Kozlovska, niece of Igor Kozlovsky. According to the relatives, these are wild accusations, as Kozlovskyy is a scientist and was taking care of his paralyzed son.

It is already known that preliminary court hearing took place on February 14. “They need to save face, so this fake process will probably continue for a short period of time and then it will be over”, Diana Kozlovska assumed.

“DPR” refuses to release the scientist

According to the relatives, the issue of his liberation is being addressed at every meeting within the Minsk format. “The “DPR” always finds reasons for refusal. The last reason they mentioned is that Kozlovsky is the allegedly citizen of the “DPR”, despite the fact that it is not clear how they decided whether he is a “DPR” citizen or not. That’s why there is almost no hope that he will be released within exchange of prisoners”, said Denys Kozlovskyy.

Relatives call for international support

“We call upon the diplomatic missions for that, if possible, they passed this information to the authorities of their states in order to influence the Russian Federation, because Russia has crucial influence on these processes,” – called Oleksandr Kozlovskyy, son of Igor Kozlovskyy.

Denys Kozlovskyy noted that they have addressed to a number of international organizations, including the OSCE, the Red Cross and the UN, to religious communities of various confessions, scientists associations etc. They also addressed to diplomatic missions and a number of diplomats, including the US Ambassador, reacted by a public call to release Igor Kozlovskyy. However, all these efforts were in vain.