Project “Vidznaky Heroyiv”: to let the dreams of the Heavenly Hundred live and come true through life of other people working in the same field

The NGO “Family of Hevenly Hundred Heroes” presented a project “Vidznaky Heroyiv” (“Honours from the Heroes”) to commemorate their loved ones. The project is supported by International Renaissance Foundation and volunteers who are members of the expert council.

“The idea of this project is to create an expert council of famous culture figures, scientists, philosophers, activists, which would find out from the relatives of our heroes what were their lifetime projects and passions and would generate ideas how to let these dreams come true, to let the memory of them live through lives of other people, who are working in the same field and will have opportunity to fulfill their dreams through participation in this project,” explained Volodymyr Bondarchuk, head of the NGO “Family of Heavenly Hundred Heroes”, during project presentation at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

“This is an award to those who continue to stand for ideas and values of Maidan: intolerance to corruption and discrimination, stand for dignity and human rights. Nowadays Ukraine needs a powerful sources of motivation to avoid giving up hole on these ideals, and, in my opinion, the Heavenly Hundred Heroes award could be one of them,” noted Grygoriy Baran, Secretary of the International Renaissance Foundation Board.

The first established awards are honors named after the youngest heroes – Nazar Voytovych, Ustym Holodniuk, Dmytro Maksymov, Yuriy Popravka and Bohdan Solchanyk. “They loved this world so much and wanted to change it for better. We would like to transmit this vital force to other Ukrainians through these awards,” noted Olga Klymko, author of the idea and project director.

“They all stood for free, independent Ukraine, for a prosperous state, but everyone had their own dream. Someone loved painting, singing or writing. Someone wanted to have three children. Someone did not spend enough time with his loved ones. Did not finish a painting or a song. Did not build his house or did not set a garden. We have to continue their uncompleted work for many years. There was a smile on the face of my dead brother. The heroes died with smiles on their faces – they were unconquered. And we have no right to give up, all Ukrainians have no right to give up for respect for their biggest sacrifice – their lives. We should not complaint, but to live a decent life,” stressed Roman Moisey, brother of killed protester Vasyl Moisey.

The awards will be granted by a decision of an Expert Council. The transparency and fairness of the procedure will be guaranteed by a Supervisory Council, including public figures, activists and volunteer.

Nazar Voytovych honor: participation in an art residence

17 years old Nazar Voytovych was a painter. To commemorate him, a permanent art residence will be opened in his home village. According to authors of the idea, for Ukraine this is a first precedent of such project in a small village. “It will be an international residence, foreign artists will be invited there too. In such way we want to tell about values of the Revolution of Dignity on the international level,” said Lyudmila Nychay, author of the project, project coordinator of the NGO “Congress of Culture Activists”.

The residence will combine functions of an art residence and education and communication platform, to build a dialogue and educate active social position of the youth of the community. “Nazar dreamed that Ukraine will be a country of kind people, so the objective of this residence is to build a dialogue between people and educate respect to one another, to teach people how to express their point of view and to educate in such way our future generation,” noted Liudmyla Nychay. In particular, there will be trainings within British Council program “Active Citizens” and trainings related to protection of the environment.

Inside the residence, there will be two big workshops for artists, a lecture hall, a library, equipment for demonstration of films and access to Internet and a small café. Educational programs and workshops will continue their work in the period between residences.

The contest for artists to select six participants of the residence will be launched in April. The first training will take place in the end of March-beginning of April, the first lectures are expected in the beginning of April.

Dmytro Maksymov honor: for activists supporting sports and activities for people with disabilities

Dmytro Marsymov honor will be awarded to activists who contribute to activities for people with disabilities and promote sports and patriotic education among the youth. “We want this honor be established in this year. We will join efforts of families of the Heavenly Hundred, civil union “Spilna Peremoha” and the Ministry of Youth and Sports,” said Mykola Lyakhovych, head of National Patriotic Education Department of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine.

Bogdan Solchanyk honor: a travel to Oxford or Cambridge for young researchers

Bohdan Solchanyr “Travel Grant” will cover expenditures of young researchers to Cambridge and Oxford universities to participate in academic conferences. “Bohdan Solchanyk did not present his thesis about electoral process in small cities of Western Ukraine in Warsaw University. We hope that providing opportunity to young and talented Ukrainian researchers to join international academic life we will continue his work,” noted Myroslava Hartmond, researcher at Oxford University, cultural diplomat, Secretary of the Club of University of Oxford Graduates in Ukraine.

The program is available for researchers in humanities, sciences and technical sciences. Alina Sviderska, president of the Cambridge Society of Ukraine, noted that it will not only cover travel expenditures, but also help to find a conference to participate and organize the necessary arrangements. The candidates are required to submit their application before July 1. The names of the winners will be announced on July 25, Bohdan Solchanyk birthday. The trip will take place in autumn or winter 2017-2018.

Yuriy Popravka honor: for activists revealing corruption

Yuriy Popravka Anti-corruption honor, established in partnership with Transparency International, has already been awarded to Oleksandr Voloshyn from Odesa for his journalist investigations. “For me, this prize is not a reason for self-admiration, but a motivation to achieve a level good enough to deserve this award. It gave me understanding that I have to do more and achieve better results,” he said. Voloshyn noted that during his journalist work he noticed that positive changes have already happened. “Police investigators started contacting me and I realized that they really want to start investigations and punish the guilty. […] Changes are really going on,” he noted.

Igor Kylchytskyi, son of killed protester Volodymyr Kulchytskyi, suggested to launch workshops or educational projects for students of technical professions to commemorate his father, who was a handyman and loved crafting various things. Many families supported the idea to create camps of patriotic education for youth.

Tetyana Kovtunovych, director of a section of archives of Ukrainian Institute of National Memory, reminded that the Institute continues the project “Maidan: spoken stories” and invites everyone to share their memories of heroes of the Heavenly Hundred and of the Revolution of Dignity.