Schedule of press briefings in Ukraine crisis media center for July 1, 2014

Schedule of press briefings in UCMC

12:00 Olexiy Dmytrashkovskyi,  ATO spokesman (via phone)

13:00 Topic” Meeting Euroassociation: new forms of art inspired by Maydan and Ukraine’s euro integration”
1. Art of EuroMaydan (the project Sparks of Holiness, author Gennady Gutgarz, new project «Ukrainian Shroud of Christ», partnered with Sergiy Zhadan), presented by Gennady Gutgarz, Ukraine;
2. Don’t shoot! – Art-marathon of European artists against military aggression in relation to modern Ukraine, the song «Don’t shoot!» Presented by Gerd Kramber, Germany;
3. Euro integration in culture – Ode «House of Europe», sound producer and presenter Vasyl Riabko, Ukraine.