Ukrainian media digest for July 2, 2014

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Cooperation and Security in Europe (OSCE PA) considers the referendum held on 16 March in Crimea illegitimate and does not recognize Russia’s annexation of the peninsula. OSCE adopts the draft resolution on “Russia’s obvious, gross and uncorrected violations of the fundamental principles of the Helsinki Final Acto of 1975”. .
One of the field commanders Igor Bezler (Bes, or Devil) tries to seize the power in Donetsk; DPR is currently carrying out anti-terrorist operation, Ria Novosti information agency states with the reference to the DPR prime-minister’s representative Aleksandr Boroday.
One of the closest ally of terrorist Igor Bezler, a self-proclaimed mayor of Horlivka Volodymyr Kolosnyuk was captured by SBU during ATO’s active phase, SBU press-service reports. According to the special service information, Kolosnyuk was looking for heavy weapon suppliers. SBU officers captured him in one of the local Berdyansk café, when he was buying heavy machine guns, RPGs and explosives worth 2 million UAH.
Moscow’s Basmanny Court has warranted the arrest of Ukrainian oligarch and Dnepropetrovsk region governor Igor Kolomoisky, the RBC news agency reports. The court thus granted the Investigative Committee’s request. Earlier, the Committee brought criminal charges in absentia against Kolomoisky and Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov. Both are accused of using prohibited methods and means of warfare, committing murders and kidnappings under aggravating circumstances and preventing journalists from doing their professional duty.
Journalist and government envoy for anticorruption policy Tetiana Chornovol says “Firtash-Boyko clan” is trying to steal three truckloads full of $100 banknotes from Naftogaz company, which hasn’t been obtained during Yanukovich’s ruling.
The representative of the prime minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic Alexander Boroday says DPR’s militants are waging anti-terror operation against field commander Igor Bezler (dubbed Bes or Devil), who tried to seize the power in Donets.
The plane crashed near coal mine “Progress” (Torezantratsyt state enterprise) in Donetsk region. There are no victims
Terrorists are leaving the building of Donetsk Oblast State Administration seized by them early in April, speaker of the Information Center of NSDC Andriy Lysenko said this at press conference.
The prime minister of the so-called DPR Aleksander Boroday says the consultations on the ceasefire agreement could be prolong if Ukrainian side is cooperative.
The head of Zaporizhzhya People’s Council Vasiliy Dushnoy is convinced the governor Valeriy Baranov is not an independent political figure.
The head of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic Valeriy Bolotov announces the list of “war criminals”. Among the expected names the name of the head of Luhansk regional administration Iryna Veryhina.
Terrorists have resumed the attempts to agree with ATO commanding on the possibility to leave the encirclement unarmed. Those who do not want peace talks continue subversive activities by mining strategic objects in the Donbas, ATO’s press secretary Aleksey Dmitrashkovsky informs.
One of the closest ally of terrorist Igor Bezler, a self-proclaimed mayor of Horlivka Volodymyr Kolosnyuk was captured by SBU and transported to Kyiv after ATO’s active phase.
Russian State Duma Vice Speaker Sergei Zheleznyak proposes to help unrecognized DPR and LPR at all levels; Kremlin demands from Ukrainian authorities to resume the truce in the Donbas.