KyivPride2017 is about human rights, equality, solidarity and inclusion – organizers 


KyivPride2017 is about human rights, solidarity and inclusion. The slogan of this year’s event is “Country for all”. This was stated by Zorian Kis, Board member, NGO “KyivPride”, at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

KyivPride2017 events will be held June 9-18 and completed by the March of Equality. This year the organizers decided to extend the route twice compared to last year. They cancelled compulsory registration. “KyivPride is a chance for LGBT community to talk about human rights. […] We are going to talk about such issues as a reason for solidarity among various NGOs […], about faith and religion,” noted Anna Sharyhina, program director of NGO “KyivPride”. They will conduct an activism school for beginners. Also, they will hold an academic research conference on multiculturalism, gender and identity in the post-Soviet space.

Ruslana Panukhnyk, director of NGO “KyivPride”, said that now there are negotiations and consultations with the Kyiv authorities and the police to ensure law and order. The place and time of the March of Equality will be specified in advance. The organizers aim to communicate messages and slogans that fit the general idea. “We are planning a rather detailed and elaborate scenario for the March of Equality,” noted Ruslan Panukhnyk.