Auction “Month of Kindness” at “ProZorro. Sale” to raise funds for children’s hospital – organizers


“ProZorro.Sale” in partnership with the St. Luke Charity Foundation and commercial e-platforms launch a charity campaign “Month of Kindness”. Within the campaign, “ProZorro.Sale” puts on auction unusual lots – “fulfillment of a dream” from famous public figures, stars and representatives of the Government. The goal of the auction is to raise money to purchase eight units of artificial lungs ventilation equipment SV300 for pediatric surgery department and emergency department of the Institute of Neurosurgery. “The supplier has already provided us a 40 per cent discount, and now we need UAH 3 million to buy this equipment. I hope we will collect at least UAH 1 million to buy reliable equipment for the hospital,” said Oleksandra Teliatnykova, co-founder St. Luke Charity Foundation, at a press-briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

Every day, two-three operations take place in the pediatric department of the Institute of Neurosurgery, up to 1000 per year. “The emergency department has places for 6 patients, and the equipment is already old. We need a quality equipment to carry out quality operations resulting in the best possible outcomes for our patients,” added Yevheniia Radziievska, pediatric anesthesiologist.

“ ‘ProZorro.Sale’ is one of those bright, contemporary decisions with a kind of ‘punk’ spirit, something new that is made for the first time in the world. I would like Ukraine to be associated with such things. I am very glad that ‘ProZorro.Sale’ can be used not only for its direct functions, but also for charity. And I am very glad that a lot of famous people accepted the proposal to participate and are ready to spend their time and efforts to raise funds to help the children,” said Maksym Nefiodov, First Deputy Head of the Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine.

Among the lots presented on the auction are: training with the strongman Vasyl Virastiuk; tea and conversation with Liubomyr (Husar), the Major Archbishop Emeritus of the Ukrainian Catholic Church; the rehearsal of “Dakh Daughters” band; flight on an air balloon and master-class from recordsman Serhii Skalko; art workshop with Ukrainian-Armenian artist Borys Yegiazaryan; “inside” on film dubbing from Yevhen Malukha, “voice” of “The Simpsons”, “ALF” and “House M.D; yachting with Vitalii Kyrychenko, frontman of “Numer 482” band, in partnership with Kyiv Yacht Club. “This is Platu 25 – a very good brand yaucht,” he noted. The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine also presented their lot – this is an anthology “Maidan: Revolution of Dignity” with the signature of the Minister.  There is one lot from Kyiv subway – a trip “to the place where the trains sleep” and a trip in a driver’s cabin. A number of new lots will be presented during this week.

“We agreed to participate because of two reasons. The first one is that the idea of our band emerged from our dream. Secondly, we always participate in this kind of campaigns, because we understand that serious projects always need common efforts. In addition, as our director Vladyslav Troitskyi says, in Ukraine we used to struggle against something, but this is the case when we unite efforts for something,” explained Natalia Halanevych, member of “Dakh Daughters”.

Details about the lots are available at “ProZorro.Sale” website and partner websites. “You can submit your stake at any date before the deadline. The deadlines are on the final week of May. After this, you will compete with other bidders for each particular lot on a fixed date, which is mentioned in the description of the lot. We invite everyone to visit our website and participate,” said Oleksiy Soboliev, “ProZorro.Sale” project director.