The first 100 objects mapped on the online platform #sosfuture

The first 100 socially significant objects have been mapped on the online platform #sosfuture ( “We plan to increase the number of objects every day. The main thing is the content, but the functionality of the site determines the quality of the content,” said Heorhii Dieiev, partner, development director at Volta Agency, at a press briefing held at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

Anyone can upload a photo and add a description: the “Add Item” option opens a form and allows filling it in. Also, developers are planning to introduce search filters by the type and region of an attraction. It is useful and convenient for researchers and potential donors of the initiative. “The portal will have a lot of functions – the possibility to donate, involve through materials, physical work – invest time and desire in order to change something,” added Otari Arutiunian, directing partner of Volta Agency.

“As a result of this ‘people’s inventory’ of our society and our country, we will show what each renovated castle can give a particular region where it is located in economic, social, mental and moral terms. This is an economically successful and profitable formula for our country,” believes Natalia Zabolotna, activist, founder of Art Ukraine.

The Mariupol synagogue is one of the objects that have been mapped and are in need of reconstruction. “This destroyed synagogue is located close to the Mariupol Local History Museum. […] Before the revolution there were three synagogues in the city. Today they are all destroyed,” said Kateryna Smahlii, director of Kennan Institute Kyiv Office.

Olena Tereshchenko, public figure of the “Public Chamber,” raised the issue of preservation of cultural heritage of Kyiv: “In Kyiv, only 164 monuments of national importance were included in the state register, […] and 815 monuments of local importance. “Archaeologist Mykhailo Sahaidak carries out excavations of XI century Kyiv at the Postal Square. He stressed that the authorities do not take a stand on the continuation of the excavations there; they offered to make a 100-meter museum. Yanina Havrylova, head of the Board, Ukrainian Tourist Guides Association, is convinced that tourists are interested in authenticity, uniqueness, and ancient places. For culture to bring revenues there should be a systematic approach to developing the infrastructure around such objects.

Larysa Mudrak, Win-Win Communications President, stressed that only joint efforts will help solve the issues and save the monuments of history and culture. It is important to communicate these initiatives to all regions and people who want to join. We can adopt the Czech Republic’s experience of preservation of historical monuments. In his days, President Vaclav Havel leased palaces of XII, XIII, XIV centuries under the specific lease terms. “Lease for 99 years was signed with those who wanted to do it. The first year was free, but with the very stringent requirements of the use. There were only social objects, festivals and cultural institutions. Within just a year 1,200 palaces throughout the Czech Republic thrived,” informed Larysa Mudrak.