Mobile application to collect money for the Ukrainian army … by waking you up!

Volunteers have developed a mobile application “Wake APP in peace” ( available for Android, and for iOS) using which we can conveniently and, most importantly, regularly help the Ukrainian army. If you postpone the alarm clock’s signal till, say, another 5 more minutes, it will withdraw a fixed sum of money from your account for the needs of the army. “If you want to sleep more, you drag a coin down and the amount of money you indicated is withdrawn from your account for the needs of the army. If you still want to sleep – please. And so indefinitely. The money will go to fund our needs: purchasing of thermal imagers, night vision devices, purchasing and repairing of machines, training, rangefinders, medication, etc.,” said Vitalii Deyneha, founder of the NGO “Povernys zhyvym”, at the presentation of the application at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

“The application must be set only once. You have to register a bank card, then set the alarm, fix the tune and money for a pause you want to pay. Each pause sends money for the needs of the military. You continue to sleep, and they will continue to protect our peaceful sleep,” described Artem Karelin, author of the application.

The availability of the song “Kolyskova” (written by Serhii Zhadan specifically for this project) in the ringtone option list adds zest to the application. “My text is about our servicemen – ordinary guys who have gone to war and will come back. We are waiting for them. They are people like us; they are there now, but we can be in their place. It would be wrong to distance ourselves from them. The song is a dialogue between people who are not together now, but waiting for each other,” noted Serhii Zhadan, writer, author of the song “Kolyskova.”  The song is performed by Sasha Koltsova (band “Krykhitka”) and Oleh Kadanov (singer and author of music to the song). “Although this text is very simple, it sinks home. That is why I have decided to write simple, transparent music,” said Oleh Kadanov. “The main thing is that we talk about it every day. We have to remember every morning that our peaceful sleep is protected by these people,” added Sasha Koltsova.