Anton Herashchenko: Slovyansk lived normal life and will be living it again


Kyiv, July 7, 2014 – Social and economic stability in Slovyansk will be resumed by the end of this week.  Now active work on town’s daily living activity restoration is being conducted. It was the statement an advisor to the Ukrainian interior minister Anton Heraschenko made during his media briefing in Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

 «Operation of a railway in Slovyansk will be resumed as late as tomorrow, by the evening today it is planned to resume postal communication; the town has been opened for foodstuffs delivery. Works on electricity and water supply systems are being conducted», – informed Mr. Herashchenko.

Minister’s adviser emphasized that during liberation of the town from terrorists Ukrainian military forces did not bomb Slovyansk, the town is practically intact. «There is a record from a pilotless aircraft and everyone can find confirmation of that», – stated Anton Herashchenko, demonstrating a video from Slovyansk (

Special forces of the anti-terrorist operation reclaimed from rebels several towns in Donetsk region, namely Slovyansk and Kramatorsk. Minister’s adviser informed that the list of towns liberated from terrorists will be expanded. «Nation-wide this victory is strategic as Slovyansk was the militants’ stronghold. They organized defences there, gathered huge storehouse of weapons, considerable part of which they just left. We will soon demonstrate these weapons to the public as an evidence of “brotherly” Russia helping and continuing to help insurgents. At present Ukrainian special forces are checking involvement in terrorist groups of people who stayed in the liberated towns», – added Mr. Herashchenko.

According to the minister’s adviser, terrorists are scattered and driven by panic, so liberation of Donetsk where militants are hiding will happen very soon. «We will do our best to liberate Donetsk as calmly as Slovyansk, not using any heavy vehicles».