Activists commemorate the life and dreams of the Heavenly Hundred in honors named after the Heroes

On June 10, the pilot project “Establishment of awards in honor of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes” ends its work.  Four implemented awards were presented. The ideas for the awards were put forward by the expert council. They were later submitted by selection committee of the open contest.  The selection committee consisted of the families of the Heroes. This was reported by Olha Klymko, head of the project “Establishment of awards in honor of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes” during press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Centre.

On May 20, at NSC “Olimpiyskiy” the winners of the “Dmytro Maksymov Honors Award” were announced. They were Yevhen Koval, Serhii Fotiiev, and Oleh Ivanenko.

Alina Sviderska, president of “Cambridge community of Ukraine”, noted that the selection of the participants for the “Bohdan Solchanyk Travel Grant” is still ongoing. The winner will take part in a scientific conference at Oxford or Cambridge University. Funds to cover the costs of participating in the conference were collected at charity events.

Nazar Voitovych Art Residence has already started its work. It has opened the first hall. The residence will host lectures and workshops, a coworking space, and a hotel.  This was reported by Ihor Kulchytskyi, father of the Heavenly Hundred Hero Volodymyr Kulchytskyi.

On December 9, the winners of the “Yurii Popravka Anticorruption Award” were announced. Oleksandr Voloshyn became the winner in the “Investigative Journalism” category. Natalia Zabolotna and Victor Smalii – in the “System’s Opponents” category. The “Government Fighter Against Corruption” was the only category left without a winner.

“Ustym Holodniuk Award” is to start operating soon. It will be awarded to students of military universities for special achievements.

Gennadiy Kurochka, the NGO’s “Family of Hevenly Hundred Heroes” experts board member, co-founder of Ukraine Crisis Media Center, stressed the need to start a Heavenly Hundred Heroes Museum. “Maidan went far beyond Ukraine. This is a global event, and the museum should be created not only for the Ukrainians, but represent the core of the fight of all free people for their rights and freedom,”- said Gennadiy Kurochka.