Mystetskyi Arsenal should bring different arts into one space and produce new quality Ukrainian content – experts


Experts from around the world gathered in Kyiv to shape the Mystetskyi Arsenal development strategy. An international workshop “Mystetskyi Arsenal: Spatial development scenarios” was taking place from May 29 through June 3 in Kyiv, as part of the 10th International Architecture Festival CANactions “City. Values”. Its participants had to shape the Mystetskyi Arsenal development strategy for a period of at least 10 years. The Workshop brought together 21 experts specializing in urbanism, architecture, economics, politics, culture, sociology, geography, etc. from 13 countries. This announcement was made by Adriana Pablos, Workshop Coordinator, during a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

The participants were working under the guidance of experienced tutors, i.e. Víctor Cano Ciborro (Spain), Fani Kostourou (UK), Adriana Pablos (Spain), and Project Curator Mirjam Niemeyer (Switzerland). Four teams have mapped out their own vision of spatial development scenarios for Mystetskyi Arsenal. A key objective of each of these is fostering closer links between Mystetskyi Arsenal and the community, people, artists to promote creativity and enhance human interaction.

The total floor area of Mystetskyi Arsenal is over 60,000 square meters, with 10 hectares of territory around. “An area of 12,000 square meters of the building is currently used and only 1/3 of the total land plot area of the complex,” said Solomiia Borshosh, Deputy Director for Development of Mystetskyi Arsenal. External space should definitely be used, more specifically the patio should be opened for guests, and a landscape garden should be created through developing meadows surrounding the Arsenal. “Culture and art are a key weapon now. […] the Arsenal should become a lodestone for international artists. […] Mystetskyi Arsenal is a platform where the soul of Ukrainian art dwells. It should be transformed into a place created by people for people,” said Maria Rastvorova, the Workshop participant.

In February, Mystetskyi Arsenal’s team presented a concept for the development strategy. Various types and forms of art – such as literature, contemporary art, and theater – should blend in with one another in one space and produce new quality Ukrainian content. “The public was actively involved in developing it. Down the line, we want to get a good step by step plan to implement the Strategy,” Solomiia Borshosh added.