“The Night of Energy” to connect Ukrainian youth with energy experts


On July 1-2, “The Night of Energy” – a series of mini-lectures within “Ukrenergo Laboratories” project will take place in Kyiv. Two hundred students, university graduates, postgraduate students, and young researchers will be selected to take part in the event. The event will last from 21:00 till 6:00 in FEDORIV Hub. Participants will hear leading experts in the field, as well as top managers of SE “NPC Ukrenergo”. This was reported by Mykhailo Bno-Airiian, Director of Communications and International Cooperation of the SE “NPC Ukrenergo”, during a press briefing at the Ukrainian Crisis Media Center.

Similar events have already taken place in Kharkiv and Lviv, where they gathered 400 and 200 participants, respectively. ” The Nights of energy” gathered representatives from more than 50 national universities. Among speakers were Deputy Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Natalia Boiko, former Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Pavlo Sheremeta, Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi, expert of the e-Government Agency of Ukraine Yanika Merilo and others.

In each city the best participants will be selected. “They will take part in the Soft skills school in Kyiv, where they will get applied skills for  their work in the industry”, – added Stanislav Ihnatiev, coordinator of the project “Ukrenergo Laboratories”, founder of the Kharkiv Energy Cluster.  Following the school, six teams will be created – two in each city. Each team will have six participants and one of “Ukrenergo” top-managers as a mentor. Together they will work on creating innovative projects for the development of energy industry. The projects will be presented in September during hackathon “Ukrenergo project battle” in Kyiv.

The final “Night of Energy” will be held in Kyiv on December 22. The event will continue for three days and two nights, during which the participants will work on the project tasks assigned to them. “Afterwards participants will receive motivational presents, have an opportunity to work in ‘Ukrenergo’, as well as many other surprises and opportunities,” says Stanislav Ihnatiev.

The project “Ukrenergo Laboratories” has three components. “The Nights of Energy” take place in the framework of “Creativity for energy”. The other two components are “Development for Energy” and “Universities for Energy”. The first will continue during present and subsequent years. “We want to unite the efforts of the electricity market participants, employing more than 150,000 people, and, together with universities and the best methodologists, develop new educational standards for students who will later be employed in the energy field. […] For the first time, business will shape the structured quality of education in the entire industry”, – said Mykhailo Bno-Airiian.  The “Universities for Energy” component involves collaboration with universities to develop new research projects. The best ideas created within the collaboration will be implemented in the pilot projects in energy industry. “We want to show that energy industry is opening its doors for youth. And work in energy field can be just as profitable as in other industries”, – stresses Stanislav Ihnatiev.

“Ukrenergo Labratories” started on December 22. The project is financed by “Ukrenergo”.