Start of “Travel Camp of Peace” for children affected by the war


Children, who suffered from the war in Donbas will travel around Ukraine together with the “Travel Camp of Peace” this summer. The aim of the camp is to develop Ukrainian identity, critical thinking, support creative self-expression and promote social activity among children from front-line territories, IDPs and children of ATO soldiers. “Children, who have been growing up in the war for the fourth year are very mature and must know the whole truth […] We want to talk with children about war and peace, we must understand the nature of the war,” said Larysa Artyugina, head of the NGO “New Donbas”, at a briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

Participation questionnaire was filled by 309 children, 26 participants were selected. “We have 8 boys and 18 girls, their average age is 13-15 […] Children are from all regions, from Mariupol to Luhansk region,” said Vadym Shabalin, project coordinator, ATO participant.

Susanna Anhelova, project psychologist, stressed that this is an education and development camp rather than just a holiday camp. The camp program includes trainings, excursions, games and discussions. Children will travel all over Ukraine – from Halychyna to the Black Sea Bessarabia. “We want to show how rich Ukraine is in its diversity, and how this diversity can generate unity,” noted Ihor Vynokurov, project methodologist.

The project is organized with the financial support of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania. “Lithuanian-Ukrainian cooperation is extremely important, and we should help those who need it,” stressed Yustina Yakanovitye, Third Secretary of the Lithuanian Embassy in Ukraine. Part of the financial support is provided by the “GurtOM” foundation. This is a unique platform that ensures transparent tracking of the funds collected for the project.

The camp will start on July 31 in the village of Unizh, Ivano-Frankivsk region, and will end in the village of Serhiyivka, Odesa region.