Ukrainians from 22 countries gather in Kyiv at Global Ukrainians Forum


On July 7-8, Kyiv hosted the Global Ukrainians Forum. The forum gathered Ukrainians from all over the world for the fifth time already. This year event was attended by 450 participants from 22 countries, including Israel, South Africa, the USA, Canada, Portugal, and other countries. The main topics of the Forum were the effective promotion of Ukraine’s interests in the world and attraction of intellectual and financial capital to support Ukraine. At the end of the Forum, the participants signed the charter of the Global Ukrainians network. “The network begins to live its own life. We elected coordinating committees, determined the structure, and supported the charter. This is our constitution, the constitution of the globalists,” said Violeta Moskalu, Ph.D, an expert in public administration and international development, Head of International Organization “Global Ukraine”, at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

One of the Forum panels was the educational panel, which introduced the EdEra project from Brainbasket Foundation, an organization that develops IT education. “The Foundation’s main mission is to create an ideological financial platform for everyone to contribute to the development of Ukrainian education. Simple, transparent and reliable,” noted Volodymyr Verhula, General Director of “Alumni Fund Ukraine” Charity Organization.

Inna Shemet, the administrator of FB group “Ukrainians of Portugal,” noted that cultural and business diplomacy will allow Ukraine to get to the new level. “We will be glad to become a bridge to Portugal for all members of the Global Ukrainians network,” she emphasized.

Anna Zharova, co-founder of “Israeli Friends of Ukraine” NGO, Director General of the Israeli-Ukrainian Alliance, Development Manager at NEO.VC stressed that the most important task of Ukrainians abroad is to inform people about the potential of Ukraine. “We are hubs for experts … These hubs are very important in terms of the country’s development,” said Albert Feldman, director of the Golda Meir Ukrainian-Israeli Institute for strategic studies.

Ukrainian technology company “XM^Online company” was directly involved in developing the Internet platform for Ukrainians abroad. “This allows us to bring this cooperation to the next level and talk about “sharing economy,” when everyone can be a participant in business projects,” stressed Viktor Kmita, Head of XM ^ Online company.