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Ukrainian chaplains featured in the video “90th psalm: a prayer of the warrior and chaplain”

Directorate of the military clergy presents the video in which frontline priests in eastern Ukraine are reading the 90th psalm.

Ukrainian chaplains serving on the frontline were featured in the video “90th Psalm: a prayer of the warrior and chaplain”. “The video shows who these people are as well as the conditions in which they serve,” said Archpriest Taras Melnyk, first deputy of the Synodal directorate of the military clergy at a press-briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

“Together with the team, we traveled all along the frontline from Shchastia to Mariupol and Pavlopil. Whenever we met a chaplain, we filmed the prayer ‘90th psalm’ with him,” the archpriest said. Mykhailo Moskalenko, director and cameraman added that they refused the idea of making a staged video and were filming all the chaplains on the positions where they are serving.

Metropolitan Bishop Ioan (Yaremenko), Chairman of the Synodal Department of the Military Clergy, said that the second round when the posts of chaplains will be officially introduced is to start in July. Sixty-six positions have been introduced in Ukraine so far. One hundred and six priests have been hired. “Current stage is a pilot one. Everyone will thus be able to see what the service is like and what needs to be done in the future,” Metropolitan Bishop Ioan said.

The Metropolitan also said that combat veterans and their family members will take part in the religious procession on July 28 dedicated to the anniversary of the Kyiv Rus baptizing. In addition to that, a military-civic pilgrimage to Kholodny Yar will take place on August 24-27.