Application deadline for Bohdan Solchanyk Travel Grant extended till November, 1


The application deadline for Bohdan Solchanyk Travel Grant was extended until November, 1. Until this time, potential participants have to find a conference, apply for it and receive confirmation of participation. The conference should take place between November 2017 and March 2018 at Oxford or Cambridge. This was announced at a briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center by the president of the Cambridge Society of Ukraine Alina Sviderska.

There are no clear requirements for the topic of the conference. “Logistically everything is in your hands. […] We don’t give you a full list, we don’t give you a finished product. We want you to find something that is close to your interests”, said Kateryna Busol, Vice-President of the Cambridge Society of Ukraine. “The main thing is that a candidate has to be involved in academic and social life,” added Alina Sviderska. Students, bachelors, postgraduates, lecturers, professors, people from scientific research institutes who are engaged in research can receive a grant. Ms. Sviderska said that during the interview with the finalists of the selection, the attention will be drawn to their values. “A person should be responsible and socially active,” she added. “We want to support those, who are like Bohdan […] who are ready to communicate their potential in the international area in a qualitative way,” emphasized Kateryna Busol.

The Grant covers visa fees, flights, accommodation, pocket expenses and conference fees of up to £ 100.

Bohdan Solchanyk, in whose name the grant was established, had been killed in February 2014 during the Revolution of Dignity.