Ministry of Defense: Militants hit residential buildings in Novoluhanske


The largest number of attacks in the ATO zone was yet again recorded in Luhansk sector yesterday. Militants violated the ceasefire 10 times, using heavy weapons six times. “Hostilities took place in Bakhmut road and in Popasna district. The enemy actively used mortars during the night firing almost 50 rounds at our positions. Moreover, militants used armor several times. Ukrainian troops had to return fire,” informed Ukrainian Ministry of Defense spokesman on ATO Colonel Oleskandr Motuzyanyk at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

In Donetsk sector militants attacked ATO troops’ positions near Novoluhanske in the morning. Militants’ attack hit residential quarters, damaging gas pipeline and power transmission tower near a private residential building, the building itself, and a vehicle parked nearby. The fragments also hit the adjacent house. Luckily, nobody was wounded.

Moreover, Russian proxies violated the ceasefire in Opytne – Shakhta Butovka position frontline in the afternoon. They conducted three attacks, each 20-70 minutes long, but used no heavy weapons. ATO troops responded with fire in all cases.

In Mariupol sector militants attacked four times – in Novotroitske, Pavlopil, and Vodiane. “The enemy used mortars three times, firing over 20 rounds. Similar to Donetsk sector, hostilities took place in the afternoon. Each attack continued for about 30 minutes,” said the spokesman.

One Ukrainian serviceman was killed in action yesterday, two were wounded, and three more sustained combat injuries. Moreover, a tractor tripped an explosive device near Luhanske village. The driver was wounded and taken to hospital. “This is the sixth incident this year in Donetsk region that a tractor hits an explosive device,” elaborated Col. Motuzyanyk.

Report on the military developments as of August 12 is available here. Interactive data on the shelling: chronology shelling chart and the interactive map.