Brandville project to help active rural communities develop their own brands

The village of Travneve in Ternopil region has received its own brand. Now the village has not only its own logo but also a map-navigation with all places of interest in Travneve. There are also special indicators showing which of the villagers can sell you honey or strawberries. “We have created a brand of the village that will make it attractive to visit. Now the project of brands starts, within which we will develop village brands for the most active rural communities of Ukraine,” said Taras Donenko, chief designer of the studio “LOGOGO”, member of the NGO “Public Council of Podil” and “Postup”, at a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

This idea was born during the Nazar Voitovich Art Residence, project named after the youngest hero of the Heavenly Hundred, which began early in summer in Travneve. The program of the Residence was devoted to revitalization – restoration of the building, which will become the artistic and cultural center of Travneve. “In this house, we will help young artists create new projects,” noted Lyudmila Nychai, project manager at ” Nazar Voitovich Art Residence”.  Taras Donenko, chief designer of the studio “LOGOGO,” and Oleksandra Pavlovska, art director of the studio “LOGOGO,” took part in the artistic residence. “Our idea was to make a logo for this village. This was a creative experiment of the designer. However, we moved beyond the logo and created the brand of the village,” Taras Donenko shared his impressions. The work within the scope of the Residence has become a new project that will help Ukrainian villages become interesting both for residents and tourists.

During the year, Taras and Oleksandra will visit Ukrainian villages in all regions and develop the brands for those villages which are actively involved in developing their area. In September, the team will develop a brand for two villages in western Ukraine – Chervona Dibrova in Chernivtsi region, and Slavske in Lviv region. “We will together make the villages comfortable to live and interesting to visit,” stressed Taras Donenko.

All details of participation in the Brandville project can be found on the official Facebook page.