Ukraine has promising youth willing to represent their country in a new way – “Ukraine by teens” video authors


School graduates-2017 presented a 12-minute English video showing their vision of modern Ukraine. The target audience is youth living in Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, and post-soviet countries. The video presentation has been sent to student councils of the leading world universities, Ukrainian diaspora representatives, and Ukrainian diplomatic institutions. “Our goal is to create the image of Ukraine as a country having many talented people ready to develop and present it on the international level,” Tetyana Bagranovska, head of the Youth Policy Direction at the NGO “Platform of community initiatives,” said during a press briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

The video has received over 200 thousand views on Facebook in less than a month. “People are interested in Ukraine, there’s just not enough interesting information […]on people living a casual life,” Tetyana Bagranovska noted. Serhiy Paleh, Deputy Head of the Board of the NGO “Institute of Freedom of Speech” hopes that state institutions will support the initiative and use it to promote Ukraine as an attractive tourist destination.

“There is so little positive in Ukraine. I don’t want corruption and the war to be the only things people talk about. Everything is not that bad in Ukraine – there are promising young people in Ukraine who are willing to represent their country in a new way, ” Anastasiya Zarichna, the co-author of the idea, screenwriter, graduate-2017, emphasized.