Mykhailo Kutsyn: There are not enough of Russian troops in annexed Crimea and on Ukrainian-Russian border to invade into Ukraine

Kyiv, July 15 – Deployment of Russian militants on the Ukrainian-Russian border, including 10 Battalions of the Tactical Forces is a force enough for provocation, but not for a full-scale invasion, stated Mykhailo Kutsin, the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of Ukrainian Armed Forces during his briefing at Ukraine Crisis media center. “Concentration of Russian troops at the border of Ukraine is not enough for an open invasion, but can be used as so-called peacekeeping forces. According to our data, there are 22,000 Russian soldiers right now in Crimea, forming the army ready to carry out its tasks. Another 20,000 of Russian soldiers are located along the border from Chernihiv Oblast in the North to the town of Novoaazovsk in the South”- reported the former Chairman.

Ukrainian military has created formidable groups to offset attacks from the Russian side, “the Ukrainian army has been trained in the most difficult conditions on how to fight in the field; we are ready to fight.” 10 battalions of tactical groups are building fortifications along the border and based in camps on the frontier of Luhansk and Donetsk regions. According to Mykhailo Kutsin, these groups cannot be taken as a threat to aggression, but can be used differently. “Putin has repeatedly called for peacekeeping and humanitarian operations. These forces can carry out such tactical operations. “Peacekeeping” and “humanitarian” units can cross the border in order to capture settlements, that have the largest number of terrorists, under their control.”- said Kutsin.

Commenting on the defense of Ukrainian airspace the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of Ukrainian Armed Forces said that Ukrainian fighters are able to shoot down aircrafts that are violating the airspace of Ukraine however; there are not enough forces to defend its entirety. “The radar field, located on the territorial regions of Donetsk and Lugansk, has been completely and utterly destroyed since the outbreak of hostilities. Anti-aircraft missiles were relocated to other areas, while portable radar systems were deployed as close as possible. Ukraine has four automated passive sensor stations, called “Kolchuga” but it is not enough “- said Mykhailo Kutsin.