Valery Chaly: Nobody can deprive Ukraine of the right to protect its sovereignty, territorial integrity and European integration as its strategic choice


Kyiv, 16 July 2014 – Both supply of Russian military equipment and shelling of Ukrainian territory from Russian side are well proven facts. “A “hybrid war” is waged against Ukraine, with all possible conditions created to destabilize situation in eastern regions to prevent Ukraine from becoming an independent, successful country, integrated into European structures”. Such statement made Valery Chaly, Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration at a briefing in Ukraine Crisis Media Center.

Armed militants and Russian equipment are getting on Ukraine’s territory from across the Russian-Ukrainian border, and Izvaryne crossing point in particular. «Equipment accompanied by crews is entering Ukraine from across the border. For now it is not massive, but is getting close to the dangerous limit. We are no more talking about separatists in Donbas. Because those who took the weapon and kill people – those are mercenaries, terrorists, bandits and illegal groups”, – stressed підкреслив Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration.

Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko gave a chance for peaceful settlement of the conflict however President’s Peaceful plan, ceasefire mode and truce “did not find adequate response from the militants.” Within 10 days of the unilateral ceasefire 30 Ukrainian servicemen were killed, 79 injured. «A war is declared against Ukraine. Its origine may vary, but we face a totally new situation. And Ukrainian transport plane that was shot at the height of 6000 meters by missile not used by terrorists’, all the shellings outside Ukraine – all this makes a significant challenge. Ukraine is ready to defend itself albeit we expect a relevant reaction from our international partners to attacks against Ukraine”,- stressed Valery Chaly.

Today European Union Heads of state and government gather for a special meeting in Brussels where the Ukrainian situation will be raised. Ukraine expects “important political decisions to be taken from EU side on the situation in Donbas and annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea”.