Ukrainian troops are engaged in fierce fighting near the border with the Russian Federation

Situation in the counter terrorist operation (CTO) area remains difficult. Grad MRL systems, heavy artillery and mortar launchers are being constantly used. Border guards and CTO forces are often shelled from the territory of the Russian Federation.

For instance, Ukrainian positions in the area were subjected to artillery fire from the side of the Russian town of Kuybysheve. Also, near the town of Dmytrivka, terrorists opened fire from mortars and heavy artillery from the Russian side at a strongpoint of a company task force within an airmobile brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Militants approached to within 600-800 meters of the strongpoint but the attack of the enemy was repelled. Five Ukrainian troops were injured in fierce fighting.

The Russian Federation continues to redeploy its units towards practically all parts of the Ukrainian border. Yesterday, the Information Analysis Center of the Security and Defense Council of Ukraine reported that five Grad launchers and APC’s crossed the Ukrainian border. To watch the video which proves the fact, follow the link:

In the meantime, terrorists are building up their forces and resources in Ukraine. These include groups of servicemen dressed in the Russian Military Forces uniform without any insignia. One such group was noticed near the Izvaryne village. The group is armed with artillery and Grad MRL systems.

Twenty-seven times in the last 24 hours, terrorists have opened fire at checkpoints and positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces units near the towns and villages of Tarany, Dmytrivka, Marynivka, Mospyne, Shyshkove, Chervonopartyzansk, Iddivka, Umanske, Stukalova Balka, Zemlyane, Stara Krasnyanka, Lugansk, Krasnodon and Provallya. Ukrainian air force retaliated with airstrikes at enemy’s forces near the towns of Marynivka and Stepanivka.

After coming under intense fire from the terrorists near the state border of Ukraine, 17 Ukrainian troops were injured and were forced to seek medical help at the Russian territory. This helped save the lives of our servicemen, some of whom were critically wounded. Unfortunately, one National Guard member died this morning because of the wounds he sustained. The Ukrainian side is doing everything to make sure the troops return to Ukraine.

Five troops were killed and eleven injured as a result of yesterday’s fighting.

At the same time, work is underway to restore the infrastructure of the cities liberated from terrorists. 70% of electricity consumers in Slovyansk have already been connected to power supply. Water supply will resume soon: reservoirs have been filled and now the water is being cleaned before being fed to the water supply system. Trolleybuses are running again, following their normal routes. Pensions, welfare payments and public sector salaries are paid in full. Experts from all over Ukraine are providing medical and psychological help to the locals. People can now watch and listen to Ukrainian TV and radio channels. Stores have re-opened and peace is coming back.      

Restoration of power and gas supply continues in other cities of the Donetsk region. In Siversk, 480 buildings have been connected to power supply, and drinking water is now delivered to town. Trolleybuses now run on the central street of Kramatorsk.    

Water supply is being restored in the region. According to Donetskoblenergo, the Siverskyi Donets-Donbas canal is already being filled with water. Repair crews have fully restored power supply at pump stations. Tank trucks are delivering drinking water to the places that are yet to be connected to water supply.

All around the region, schools and other educational institutions are being equipped in preparation to open their doors to children on September 1.

Explosive objects left by terrorists remain a big problem in the liberated cities. In the last 24 hours, the deminers of the Armed Forces’ working in the areas liberated from terrorists have defused 34 explosive objects and cleared and checked 70 kilometers of roads and 7 infrastructure facilities. During the active phase of the CTO, just several dozens of the Armed Forces’ demining teams have deactivated over 2070 explosive objects, cleared 385 kilometers of roads and fully demined 25 infrastructure facilities.