Ukrainian media digest 18 of July 2014

Terrorists’ leader of the so-called DPR Aleksander Borodai said that on Friday, 18 July, a new round of consultations of the Contact group on the peaceful regulation of the situation in eastern Ukraine will be held. “Just now our vice prime minister Andrey Purgin arrives from the meeting with OSCE mission, where the agreement has been reached,” Bododai said. He did not specify who will take part in a dialogue from the Ukraine’s side.
Fractions in the Verkhovna Rada could not come to the conclusion on creating a Ministry of Crimea affaires. The Cabinet of Ministers is planning to create not a ministry, but a service on the question of occupying territory, MP and national Crimea Tatar leader Mustafa Dzhemilev reports.
A Malaysia Airlines passenger jet, which was on the way from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was shot down in a rebel-controlled Donets region. The Boeing 777 exploded and hundreds of bodies appear to be scattered around 4 kilometers territory, terrorists do not allow rescue workers to enter the territory, Sergey Taruta’s counselor Konstantin Batozhski informs. Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko initiated an Emergency State Commission to investigate Malaysia Airlines Tragedy together with ICAO and international experts.
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called for a full international investigation of the Malaysia Airlines disaster in eastern Ukraine, UN’s press service reports. “There is clearly a need for a full, transparent and international investigation. Until then, I want to express condolences to the victim’s families,” he said.
The Boeing 777 (Flight MH17) of Malaysia Airlines, which was on the way from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, crashed in Shakhtarsk district, Donetsk region. There were 280 passengers on board and 15 Malaysian crew, says an airport official.
The plane was flying at about 10,000 meters.
As of 7 a.m, 18 July, 121 bodies were found.
Ukraine’s Internal Ministry says the plane was shot down by rebels.
Militants denied their involvement in the incident.
DPR’s representatives have promised no to ensure access to the Malaysian Boeing crash sity for representatives of the Ukrainian authorities. Boeing-777 crashed in the Donetsk region on Thursday killing all 298 aboard.
Dnipropetrovsk internal department homicide detectives together with the representatives of Security Service of Ukraine and “Alfa” and “Sokol” special units arrested two members of a terrorist group, who were planning several terrorist attacks. “According to the latest information, the building of Dnipropetrovsk regional administration, Merefo-Kherson Bridge and local pipes were listed as targets”
“The yesterday’s horrible tragedy showed only one thing – this are an international criminals who need to be punished and came up for a trial. Russia, which finances and supports these criminals, must finally realize its responsibility for the fact that these bandits have committed an international crime against humanity,” Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said, opening the telephone conference with leadership of the regions from Kyiv on Friday.
Gunmen impede an open international investigation into the crash of the Malaysian Boeing 777 near the town of Torez, says the statement of Serhiy Taruta, the chairman of the Donetsk regional administration. He calls for international community to force rebels to create a corridor to take the necessary equipment and personnel to the crash scene. According to the governor, militants hinder the work of Ukrainian experts at the crash scene. They also expressed a desire to take the plane’s black box and bodies to Russia.
Ukraine’s President expresses his condolences to victims’ families who died in MH17 crash. “Today’s tragedy proves again that terrorism is not a local, but a global issue. Russia’s aggression against Ukraine is not only our problem, but a threat to the European and global security. Addressing this threat requires a unified global response. Today, the whole world see the real face of the aggressor. ”Shooting down a passenger aircraft is an act of international terrorism, targeted against the entire world. This is a wake-up call for the whole world. Each and every citizen of Ukraine is fighting for our independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity.
Dnipropetrovsk internal department homicide detectives arrested two members of a terrorist group, who prepares several terrorist attacks. The building of Dnipropetrovsk regional administration was listed as a target.
The head of Donetsk regional administration Serhiy Taruta thinks Donetsk’s residents who live near military zones should leave the city because ATO’s forces need to besiege DPR’s militants in order to force them to make concessions.
A passenger jet, which was en route to Kuala Lumpur, was shot down in Donetsk region. All the passengers died. Militants hinder the work of Ukrainian experts at the crash scene, the chairman of the Donetsk regional administration Serhiy Taruta said.
The head of Zaporizhzhya regional administration Valeriy Baranov said the region needs to have its own income base and needs to receive 100 percent financing of its delegated authorities at the regional meeting with National local government congress.
Interim governor of Luhansk region Iryna Veryhina supports Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s idea to force oligarchs to give money for regions’ reconstructions. “Especially it concerns Yefremov and others. They are responsible for the war.”
It is planned to stop 46 coalmines in Donetsk and Luhansk regions as a part restructuring the coal industry until 2017, Director of the labor and employment market of the Social Policy Ministry of Ukraine Natalia Zinkevych has said. The program plans to create 300 000 new jobs in a 3-year period with the assistant of international donors and governmental and private partnership.
More than 5 thousands of civic organizations support the idea to delegate Medvedchuk and Shufrych in negotiation on the situation in Donbas.