Donetsk region Administration wants to create a demilitarized zone and safe corridor to the crash site


Konstantin Batozsky, adviser to the Head of Donetsk Region State Administration, said on July 18 at the Ukraine Crisis Media Center that the immediate priority was the creation of the demilitarized zone and safe corridors allowing access to the crash site for the international experts and family members of the victims. He said negotiations to that end were being conducted.

According to him, locally, at the crash site, the terrorists have currently ceased fire.

Konstantin Batozsky stated that the entire staff of the Donestk region department of Ukraine’s Emergencies ministry has been working at the crash site since yesterday. Today they were joined by the officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs [police] and the prosecutor’s office from the town of Torez, near the crash site.

Batozsky pointed out that two black boxes (electronic on-board recorders) have already been recovered, however, he does not have the information regarding their exact location.

In the near future, the bodies of the victims will be transported to Kharkiv, as soon as the issue of providing a safe convoy to the city is addressed. At the moment, at the site of the crash, initial procedures for recovering the remains of the dead are being conducted, many of the specialists from the Donetsk region have already gone to Kharkiv,” added Batozsky.