The terrorists have illegally removed 38 bodies from the Malaysian airliner crash site


Kyiv, July 19, 2014 – The terrorists are concealing evidence from the crash site of the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777. Last night they removed 38 of the dead from the crash site in Donetsk, according to the spokesman for the Ukraine’s National Security Council, Andriy Lysenko, speaking at the media Crisis Center in Kyiv.

Armed separatist fighters forced Ukrainian officials from the Emergencies Ministry, the Interior Ministry, and the procurator to leave the crash site. The Russian mercenaries then loaded the bodies into a truck and delivered them to a morgue in the [separatist-controlled] city of Donetsk.

According to our sources this was done to remove from the bodies rocket shrapnel from the missile which downed the plane.

Thus the members of these illegal armed groups have brutally beached the internationally-accepted procedures for establishing the cause of the disaster and conducting autopsies on the victims.

Lysenko emphasized: “The cynicism of these bandits has exceeded any limits.” According to information received by Ukrainian officials, the terrorists have collected personal valuable effects from the corpses and are already using credit cards belonging to victims of the tragedy.

Eyewitnesses at the crash site say that the terrorists, the majority of which seem to be drunk, are obstructing international experts attempting to investigate the disaster. They are firing their weapons into the air when OSCE observers try to go outside the limited portion of the crash site that the terrorists have allowed them onto. At the moment there are 30 OSCE observers at the site.

The separatist fighters have also brought large vehicles to the crash site with the apparent aim of hauling the wreckage to the Russia.

Lysenko says that Ukraine does not have access to the airliner’s black boxes. He said that experts have advised that if the terrorists have the black boxes in their possession they could interfere with or distort the data recorded within them.

The Ukrainian Government officially declares that the Russian-supported terrorists are trying to destroy evidence related to this international crime and appeals to the international community to pressure Russia to call off its terrorists and give Ukrainian and international experts the opportunity to investigate the circumstances surrounding this tragedy.

The National Security Council spokesman said that the international criminals responsible for this crime will not be forgiven and neither will those who support, train, finance and arm these terrorists.

Today Ukraine’s president, Petro Poroshenko, stated that Ukraine is preparing procedures for the separatist Donetsk peoples Republic and Luhansk Peoples Republic to be declared terrorist organizations by the world community.