Michael Bociurkiw: “We are here to establish facts and to report on them”


“Our main purpose is to collect the facts to share them with the participating OSCE states and to report them to media. We are looking at security of the perimeter of the crash site, the condition and status of the debris, the bodies and personal belongings”,   – reported Michael Bociurkiw, spokesman for the the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe’s special monitoring mission (SMM) for Ukraine on the phone call with Ukraine Crisis Media Centre.  OSCE SMM was the first monitoring team to arrive on July 18 at the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. At the moment there are  24 OSCE SMM workers who are now allowed to spend longer time at the site under control.

“Today we see a lot of security, people with weapons.  The site itself is the very badly damaged piece of earth, we see a lot of big pieces of very badly burned and broken up debris, there are a lot of personal belongings and bodies”, – reported Mr. Bociurkiw on their observations so far . The new development for today according to Mr. Bociurkiw, is that there are some experts that brought professional body bags with them and moving bodies to the side of the road. Though OSCE SMM spokesman does not know who are these people.

Commenting on the location of the black boxes which is a top priority, Mr.Bociurkiw said the SMM has no information on where they are now.