Day 645: Zelenskyi visits frontline troops in Kupyansk direction

Zelenskyi visits frontline troops in the Kupyansk direction. A strike on Russian troops’ headquarters in occupied Tokmak kills 14, including officers. Ukraine’s Security Service detonates explosives on a rail line between Russia and China, sources tell NV.

Zelenskyi visits frontline troops in Kupyansk direction

President Zelenskyi visited the Kupyansk section of the frontline and awarded soldiers in the area with military honors.

A video released on social media shows Zelenskyi addressing military commanders and awarding troops with military honors. He also met with the Commander of Ukraine’s Ground Forces, Colonel General Oleksandr Syrskyi.   

“The frontline command post of Kupyansk defenders. It was an honor to meet and award the warriors. The fighters on the Kupyansk front are defending the peaceful life of Ukrainians, the people of Kharkiv region. I thank the warriors for their service, for defending our state! I wish them victory, to stay strong and keep up the momentum,” Zelenskyi said in a post on X, formerly Twitter.

Strike on Russian troops headquarters in occupied Tokmak kills 14, including officers

At least 14 Russian troops, including officers, were killed as a strike landed on the troops’ headquarters in occupied Tokmak, in Zaporizhzhia region on November 28, Ivan Fedorov, the Ukrainian mayor of Melitopol said on Ukrainian television.  

“For two days in a row, there was powerful clearing of the enemy in Tokmak. We now know what happened on November 28. An enemy headquarters was destroyed. There was an explosion during a meeting at the headquarters. At least 14 people were killed, many of them were officers,” Fedorov said.  

The Russians established the headquarters in a kindergarten, trying to shield themselves behind civilians, he added. 

“There were more explosions in temporarily occupied Tokmak yesterday. They rocked the outskirts of the city where the enemy had placed its troops and amassed military equipment. In the Zaporizhzhia direction, the clearing of the enemy continues,” Fedorov said.

Ukraine’s Security Service detonates explosives on rail line between Russia and China, sources tell NV

Overnight on Thursday, Ukraine’s Security Service detonated explosives on the Baikal-Amur rail line as a cargo train was moving through the Severomuysky Tunnel in Russia’s Buryatia republic, sources in law enforcement told The New Voice of Ukraine (NV). 

Ukraine’s Security Service was behind the explosion, according to the sources. The agency did not comment. 

“That’s the only serious rail link between Russia and China. Russia has also used it to ferry military supplies, and this route is now paralyzed,” the sources said.

Four explosive devices were detonated as a cargo train was moving through the tunnel, NV said. Russia’s security service (FSB) was on site after the explosion. Rail workers tried to “minimize the impact of the operation, but to no avail.”

Ukrainian Businesses in War. Ukraine in Flames #540

In this episode of Ukraine in Flames, the focus is on Ukrainian businesses’ resilience during wartime and support from Ukraine’s partners, including the PEARL Project by Global Communities. The PEARLprogram aids small and medium-sized businesses to achieve self-sufficiency, helping to swiftly establish new businesses and support existing ones, aiming to create job opportunities and uplift local communities even during wartime. Additionally, Lviv acted as a refuge for companies relocating to safer areas, offering grants and loans for equipment procurement, enabling business continuity amidst turmoil. Take a watch of UIF #540 to learn more!


  • Justin Sekriz, Deputy Director of Global Communities in Ukraine
  • Vitaliy Yurkiv, PEARL Programme Coordinator and Technical Representative, Global Communities.
  • Stepan Kuibida, Director of the Economic Policy Department, Lviv Regional State Administration