“Ukrainian Davos” will kick-start this summer in Kaniv city


NGO “Ukrainian Humanitarian Development Foundation” in partnership with Kaniv City Administration and Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry announces International Economic and Humanitarian Forum UKRAINIAN ID.

The forum will be held annually in Kaniv city.

UKRAINIAN ID shall become the most powerful forum in Eastern Europe bringing up the question of inseparability and correlation of two domains for a balanced development of States: economy and human capital. As esteemed Dr. Bohdan Hawrylyshyn (1926-2016), renown Ukrainian, world-famous economist and futurologist, co-founder of the first World Economic Forum in Davos: “The potential of Ukraine is huge, ultimately due to the human capital and natural resources. After undergoing the pathway towards the creation of the nation in 2014, this country could become an example of the new world order paradigm, founded on cooperation, values and responsibility and its youth has become already a driver for those changes”.

The topic of the First UKRAINIAN ID: “Roadmap for tomorrow: a strategy for the successful country”.

Ukraine, as one of the biggest countries in Europe, could and has to be the place to host a world discussion on effective models of sustainable development of modern States. A country can be successful only under the condition when the development of human capital is its main priority. Sure, the perspective of the developed economy, successful businesses and attraction of investments look ephemeral in a country, catastrophically falling in international ratings of human development. It is our duty to change the situation. During the negotiations with lead economists, members of diplomatic corps, opinion-leaders and potential partners regarding the organization of the UKRAINIAN ID Forum, it has been compared with World Economic Forum in Davos in terms of its tasks”, – stated Nataliia Zabolotna, president of NGO “Ukrainian Humanitarian Development Foundation, civil society and cultural figure,  initiator of the UKRAINIAN ID Forum.

Kaniv city has been chosen as a Forum’s venue not by coincidence. This city is a power place, city-symbol, the geographical and spiritual center of Ukraine. In the meantime, this is the city of unrevealed economic, social, cultural, as well as touristic potential, which is to be revealed to Ukraine and to the world by the initiators of the Forum. Alongside this, one of the goals of the UKRAINIAN ID Forum is to create and practice a showcase scenario for the economic development of the regional centers using the example of Kaniv, the city that has all that’s needed in order to become a key direction for the internal and international tourism.

I am grateful to Ukrainian Humanitarian Development Foundation for choosing Kaniv a place of residence of “Ukrainian Davos”. I am convinced that this consolidation of efforts by the local community, civil society, and business figures will transform Kaniv into the city of the future and give the necessary impulse towards the revitalization of cultural tourism and setting the path to sustainable development of our city, as well as become a model for other Ukrainian cities”, stated Igor Renkas, Mayor of Kaniv.

Reuniting world opinion-leaders, representatives of business, media, politics, civil society and cultural figures, Forum UKRAINIAN ID will generate social and cultural progress, facilitate elaboration and implementation of efficient models of economic development, as well as infrastructural changes in Ukraine and in the world. This year, the discussion will focus on five topical panels: “Economy”, “Community”, “Technology”, “Culture” and “Human Security”. Among the key issues to be raised – changes in global economic paradigm, balancing the profit-making with a responsible attitude towards health and well-being of citizens, equality in society, challenges and opportunities of decentralization, “weight” of the cultural capital, prospective of Ukraine as an innovations’ exporter.

Launching the Ukrainian ID Forum, we would like to accomplish two goals. Firstly, to demonstrate to the world entrepreneurial spirit has always been common to Ukrainians. Secondly, to shift the perception of Ukraine by the world through effective reforms and accomplishments. Unfortunately those two millions of Ukrainians that have left the country in recent years not always were the providers of positive information about our country. That is why it is crucial now to show the strong points of our business, because we do have what to be proud about” , – underscored Gennadiy Chyzhykov, president of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In parallel with UKRAINIAN ID Forum, the 7th of July will also be the beginning of the  International Festival “Doba Shevchenka”. This multidisciplinary festival will be held in a new format for Ukraine: 24 hours non-stop of music, theater, cinema, literature and visual arts. The main goal of the Festival is to reopen for hundred thousands of Ukrainians a revitalized cultural and touristic itinerary to Kaniv, rich both in historical and modern cultural content.

The inspiration and the model of Kaniv’s development, the organizers of the Forum took from an example of Spanish Bilbao, where the Guggenheim Museum of modern arts has become the driver in the development of modern infrastructure. It was the museum that became an eye of the storm for the international cultural tourism and just in a few years once a depressive industrial city has been made one of the most significant cultural capitals of Europe.

Both UKRAINIAN ID Economic and Humanitarian Forum and “Doba Shevchenka” festival have a charitable goal as well. Forum registration fees and festival tickets’ profits will be transferred towards finalizing and commissioning Shevchenko Cultural Center, the dream of thousands of citizens of Kaniv since 1984.