The trains with the bodies of the deceased arrived in Kharkiv. Russia continues to violate the Ukrainian border and shoot at ATO forces


Kyiv, July 22nd, 2014 – Today at 11:20 a.m., a special Ukrzaliznytsya train with the bodies of those who perished in the Boeing 777-200 crash arrived in Kharkiv. This was stated at a briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center by the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council information center spokesman Andriy Lysenko.

Search and recovery works were finalized yesterday at the site of the tragedy, during which an area of over 140 square kilometers was examined, including 2,1 square kilometer of the Grabovo water basin.

International experts are working with the plane parts on location at the moment. “Their work is hindered by the fact that Russian military experts have already worked at the crash site under the guise of civilians,” emphasized the NSDC spokesman.

Armed terrorists continue to interfere with the work of emergency services and transportation of the bodies.

Meanwhile Russia continues to increase its military presence along the border with Ukraine. As such, troops from the Zabaykalskiy and Far-Eastern military districts of Russia were sent to the town of Sudzha in Kursk oblast of the Russian Federation. Besides, Russian troops are setting up two communication nodes in the district of Sudzha, encryption equipment delivery is expected.

Border guardsmen have detected evidence of import of 14 GRAD systems, which shot at ATO positions, near the town of Shevchenkove. The instance of border violation has been documented, relevant photo and video materials have been sent to the Ukrainian MFA and the Russian side.

Ukrainian ATO positions are still under attack from Russian territory by mine launchers and self-propelled artillery: there have been over 40 shootings in the last day.

Russian mercenaries committed a terrorist act at the ATO roadblock near the village of Kamyanka in Donetsk oblast. The terrorists blew up a van packed with explosives at the roadblock. Three Ukrainian soldiers died.

As a result of military action, throughout the day 13 Ukrainian defenders died, 58 were wounded.

Ukrainian soldiers continue to advance on the terrorists. As a result of successful military ops, the towns of Dzerzhynsk, Soledar in Donetsk oblast and Rubizhne, Yuvileyniy in Luhansk oblast were freed from terrorists. At the moment Lysychansk is being freed from terrorists, ardent battle is underway.

The terrorists are systematically destroying the infrastructure on the territories under their control. As such, in Luhansk oblast the saboteurs blew up two automobile bridges between the cities of Severodonetsk and Rubizhne and mined the bridges in Lysychansk and Severodonetsk. In Artemivsk the mercenaries attacked the power plant using GRAD systems, damaging and cutting off electricity to several important objects belonging to the Donbas Power System of the state-owned company Ukrenergo.

Indignation at the actions of the Russian mercenaries is spreading among the locals. After three teenagers were blown up on July 20th with a fugasse mine set up by the terrorists, the citizens of Lysychansk in Luhansk oblast made an ultimatum to the terrorists to leave the city before 2 p.m. on July 22nd.

The citizens of Ukraine are actively supporting the ATO. Ukrainians have already donated almost 137 million UAH to support the Ukrainian army.

In order to restore civilian life and return the migrants as soon as possible, today Ukrzaliznytsya launched a high-speed Intercity express “Kyiv-Slovyansk-Kramatorsk.”

Yesterday, the circulation of buses towards Slovyansk and Svyatogorsk in Donetsk oblast was restored.

Today the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine passed the Law regarding the approval of the Order of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko “Regarding partial mobilization.” The bill was supported by 232 Parliament members. The Order created additional conditions to fulfill the needs of the Armed Forces, National Guard, SSU, the State Border Service, the State Special Transportation Service, other military formations in Ukraine with those able to serve and reserve soldiers according to mobilization plans. The mobilization will last for 45 days.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine also approved the text of the Statement “Regarding counteraction to the spread of international terrorism supported by the Russian Federation.” In particular, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine asked all world nations to become a unified front against terrorism, which is being supported by the Russian Federation.