“From Russia With Love”: Terrorists No Longer Conceal the Fact That Russia Supplies Them With Weapons


Kyiv, 22 July 2014.  Ukrainian forces found several hundred units of military equipment, entire arsenals of Russian weapons, ammunition and uniforms on the territories left behind by terrorists. Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) spokesman Andriy Lysenko made the announcement at the Ukraine Crisis Media Center briefing.

“Terrorists no longer conceal the fact that it is Russia that supplies them with weapons,” Lysenko said.

One of the smaller-scale missile flamethrowers left behind by terrorists sports a handwritten sign, “From Russia With Love.”

As a result of a successful military operation, the town of Severodonetsk, Lughansk oblast, has been freed from terrorists today. The Ukrainian flag has been raised over Severodonetsk. During the operation, our soldiers managed to free four hostages who were being held captive for approximately a month. At one of the buildings, the officers also discovered bodies of two people who had been executed as the terrorists were leaving town. The ATO forces are currently sweeping the buildings and roads in Severodonetsk for possible land mines.

At the moment, battle is underway to free the town of Lysychansk. In order to avoid siege, terrorist gangs are hastily leaving town, fighting back, and suffering serious losses.

Ukrainian border control units remain under fire. Today, artillery fire from tanks and armored vehicles was opened near the localities of Dmytrivka and Marynivka. The attacks were repelled.

Russians continue to amass military forces at the border. Today, near the locality of Petrivka, Lughansk oblast, 3 armored vehicles and approximately 40 Russian soldiers were spotted within 200 meters of the border with the Russian Federation on the Russian side.

At the Vovchansk checkpoint, the border control squad discovered a GRAD system in traveling mode, i.e. in the process of preparing to open fire, at the distance of 200 meters from the border with Ukraine on Russian territory.

We reported this morning the terrorists were setting up land mines as they retreated near Severodonetsk. Today, one of the bridges between Severodonetsk and Rubizhne was blown up.

Yesterday in Lughansk, the terrorists kidnapped nine students, who were citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Russian mercenaries are holding the foreigners hostage inside the State Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) building, which is under their control. Relatives of the hostages intend to petition with the Nigerian Embassy in Ukraine in order to facilitate their release.

Communication lines are under repair in the Ukrainian towns that have been freed from terrorists. Phone networks, along with Internet access, has been recently restored in Kramatorsk, Krasnoarmiysk, Mar’inka, Sloviansk and ten other locations.

Last night SSU officers detained a group of five spies who were plotting terrorist acts in Odesa oblast. The Russian mercenaries had self-made explosives in their possession, which they were planning to use in locations with large amounts of civilians. The State Security Service of Ukraine established that they had already blown up several bank chains in Odesa and were planning to blow up military commissariat buildings.